BMW X3 car review – Top Gear – BBC

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Jeremy Clarkson takes the BMW X3 on a road test. It’s not the car for you if you need to use your spine or go off-roading! Top Gear YouTube channel: http://w…


Kyle Goo says:

Top Gear is a TV show where English can insult car-makers who produce cars
which English cannot make.

Maxim Bender says:

He pisses off all BMWs except m5

doc jm says:

this guy is dumm. not all 4×4 are meant to drive off road, it’s built maybe
for the snow as well. evrbdy would agree if i say x3 is way,way,way better
looking than ur range rover!

Guillaume Romain says:

that is excellent! it manages to be usefull and funny! great job Jeremy :)

danny ispas says:

You can use the car in saftey purpose, for the kids(ex).when you drive a
real truck you can realize what 40cm higher means(or more).it’s not a
beautiful car but it can be a practical one

Maiko Saluorg says:

“Come on dude—how many of these cars are ACTUALLY used for off-road
terrain? People buy them because they’re luxury cars that look cool—not
because they’re good in the dessert alongside a HUM-V in battle. Gimme a

Sorry, but if you don´t drive off road, why you need a big truck to haul
your kids? Take saloon or estate and you can do that and yet it looks more
stylish, is faster, more economic and so on and so on. I don´t understand,
do you people buy them just because of the seat height, or because you are
lacking in some other areas and need to compensate that?

And the SUV is usually more expencive also…

Peter Vasta says:

100 ppl bought this hideous car, b4 they saw this..

Max Porras says:

Too much british bias on this review. you can’t compare apples with

Brandon S says:

I might get one

doc jm says:

that range rover has no appeal at all! its like a big box with wheels and
small round rear lights that don’t actually match its big body! bloody

nicholasfrascone says:

I’m actually in the market for an X3 , I love the show by the way but …
BMW has never advertised their SUVs to be suitable for off road use . its
all wheel drive system is built around road conditions like snow or rain ,
I worked at a BMW dealership for a few years and I can promise you the all
wheel drive system on both SUVs in the snow and rain are admirable and you
would be happy with it.. Just don’t take it on an off road course , if you
want to go off road get a land rover or jeep or something like that which
is advertised to be good off road vehicles.

Kalsonic says:

He’s right, almost all SUVs right now are stupidly impractical.

Kalsonic says:

3:06 and somewhere onwards, quite funny.

alexfromthafunk says:

Unreliable ugly pos

Kalsonic says:

This car is… wrong. Really wrong. In urban roads, it dies in comparison
to similarly priced saloons. In off roads, it dies too.

alexfromthafunk says:

Unreliable ugly pos

plutonia00 says:

Well you wouldnt get a tractor down the majority of green lanes so that is
not strictly true.

Nw1shale says:

Most suv’s are just tall cars.

Watchami Callit says:

Funny, heard on the radio that Jag and RR were reported by Consumer Roports
as being in the top ten of least reliable brands…but Im sure the Brits
wont own that one …

deomaniak7552 says:

And what’s the difference if I go to a ski vacation in an estate car? The
only place a X3 could possibly do better is in East Europe, where the roads
have massive holes

Alex Harby says:

the car is sooo ugly!!!

deomaniak7552 says:

But Evoque looks better, rides better, has better quality, and has the
terrain response system from the Range Rover

notsocialatall says:

Hitler would recommend the Mercedes S600

mftgdeserteagle says:

Until they start falling apart, yes.

Morahman7vnNo2 says:

So was that the review of the Land Rover Defender?

Shobin Drogan says:

so instead of buying a 5 series that is more sporty than any SUV in the
world, you’d have a wannabe SUV that is SLIGHTLY sporty and have no
capabilities of an offroad car, Oh okay! LOGIC! makes perfect sense! now i
get it, X3 drivers are complete fucktards and its “get YOUR* head” you
fucking moron, REAL SMOOTH

Shobin Drogan says:

he recommended the bmw 5 series estate as well, OH SHIT that must mean that
hes hitler!

matthew egerton says:

heap of shite,,,bought by people who think its good off road

LS R says:

I bought one of these, an excellent condition 2006, and I can´t wait to
sell this thing. As much as I love BMW, I rather have a sedan, like I have
always done. “Man, get into an SUV-SAV and you´ll never want a sedan
again”. Wrong, this looks like a shoe, has the aerodynamics of one, and
guzzles gas like a drunk sailor drinks on his leave period. Can´t wait to
get back to a nice BMW or C class sedan…

HachiZenki says:

Soft roader defined. BMW knows off roading like Dodge knows transmissions
or Fiat knows electrical wiring.

karkrashful says:

i didnt call that course “hardcore” …. people who buy the X3 are not
soccer moms or teenage kids. bmw x series owners are people who want a
large SUV that is also sporty at the same time. the BMW x series offers
them that. what other luxurious SUV offers the driver the sportiness of a
coupe, but the size of an SUV? Everything you said is opinion and somehow
you are trying to argue that with me. its clear you dont like the X3, does
that mean nobody should? get youre head out of the ground

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says:

It looks like the grim reaper… horrible!

Dávid Pribula says:

Because, as you see in the video it is not off-road vehicle indeed …

deomaniak7552 says:

Well, I live in Bulgaria, and here the rich mafia bosses drive SUVs like
BMW X5, Audi Q7, VW Touareg etc

TroublingStatueVII says:

I live in Bulgaria and I hate pretty much everything Bulgarian.

Samuele Gatti says:

I don’t understand how can people spend so much money to buy these so
expensive SUV. They are too big for cities and too elegant for dirt. For so
much money you can get a BMW M series or Audi S series……..

DemonFox26 says:

Don’t get the sport version and you have yourself a fantastic vehicle that
still is the best in its class. Just because its all wheel drive doesn’t
mean that it has to be an offroad vehicle. Either way love the show and
will rarely question the great Clarkson who really does tell it like it is.

Armin McFroogleg says:

So are germans. It’s only logical you favour YOUR product over a foreign

Shobin Drogan says:

YEAH, yeah.

2q2S6G9z says:

and apparently what he said is true. Dont have to be so angry…

trigerhappy011 says:

so true

waakid007 says:

Ok. So you think that there are no better SUVs than the range rover that
are good off road?

brian magnussen says:

What is it thats wrong with the styling??? What does Jeremy mean ??? I
would love to own that beamer with some decent big off road tyres, That car
is now on my wish list, one day i will have to get one of those.

Seth Porter says:

5:57 Why couldn’t he just get out the back?

Amanda Bynes says:

yeah, because land rover doesn’t play around!

Chris Marchese says:

spoken good

Shobin Drogan says:

if you could call that simple offroad course “hardcore” then you have
absolutely no idea what a REAL offroad course is, and how is the X3 any
cooler compared to fucking minivans? it looks like a sack of shit on
wheels, its heavier, slower, less practical and less economical than a 5
series estate i just CANNOT imagine how someone could look past the 5
series estate, and buy a stupidly awful, fucking SUV wannabe then whats the
point of getting a FUCKING SUV in the first place?

CrossCoventry says:

The have come out with a new model now.

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