BMW X3 SUV 2014 review – Carbuyer

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Box0rz says:

Am I the only one who can’t tell these models apart? Seriously, I think
most BMW models have looked the same since 2005.

Also, I think the interior looks pretty outdated. It has that 90s look.

Javon K says:

I think the X4 looks really nice in person.

CivilAviation1 says:

The front fog lights look disgusting

Sandouras says:

Why do carmakers do these facelifts? I get all the upgrades to the
hardware, but nobody is even going to notice the barely different bumpers,
so why do they bother? 

Master_Hector says:

Why not do car reviews of cars that you haven’t yet instead of doing the
facelifts of ones you’ve already reviewed?!

Carbuyer says:

The BMW #X3 has been given a facelift, but can you spot the changes? Watch
our video:

mazinais31 says:

i beg to differ… like this interior more than evoque’s …

Abhijit Sharma says:

Where is Rebecca??

Plasterer's Radio says:

Boring, indulgent status symbol. It just says you are a bit of a dick.

Riswan Ahmad P says:

That Volvic looks delicious

mustsilm says:

ATTENTION: To all the Rebecca fans, she isnt preg, she is working for
Telegraph Cars, search Telegraph Cars youtube channel and she makes reviews

Fizzy Mind says:

Looks the same as the 2005 model, same over priced crap

LancashireLad666 says:

Yes Matt..I carry skis all the time! :/

asmith20707 says:

Where’s that new girl? Has she been assigned to review the Dacia Duster or
something similar while Mat does all the high end cars?

Trihawk8 says:

Gaydio? lolwut

Nonbelieverification says:

Drove a 320D xDrive the other day and the engine is really noisy.
Unbecoming of BMW. Some rivals have more refined diesels on offer.

Olof L says:

where did the new chick go?

WatchingVideos says:

Finaly a new review

Darek Nowak says:

love it!

dmfub2348 says:

Scratched the rear bumper taking that suitcase out. Tut tut. 

prl08 says:

He is without question my least favorite car reviewer. I don’t need you to
tell me how pretty or how ugly a car is.

Sanpedranoazul says:

Same thing to me

Martin Jones says:

Matt I can’t believe you scratched the bumper taking the suitcase out! 

fabulousprofound says:

0:30 gah. i know the car is just a demonstrator but i had to cringe after
seeing that suitcase being dragged over the bumper and leaving an angry
scratch on it…

MelbStevo says:

Looks nice, but outdated, like a 2009 Forester – awesome segway for 2013

frozenzoo says:

bee äm dubbl you

autexcbaty says:

Let’s get Rebecca and Liz Kreff back and ditch the deadwood

CraciunAlexandruGh says:

Horrible shirt :)

withanages says:


Sequoia Van Camp says:

I agree with Mat’s decision to not direct people toward the X4

César Amalou says:

0:32 Mat you just damaged the rear bumper!!

Randolph De Leon says:

To be honest, I kinda missed Rebecca. I’d love to see her again. 

amirul zddin says:

Wow ! So BUFF ,hahahah

Leo Sarafin says:

You scratched the paintwork on the bumper when getting the suitcase out of
the boot.

Mirosław Jurdeczka says:

i very much like the new x3 especially those new headlights 

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

the bmw x3: an suv that cant do much off-roading

Isira Gunathilake says:

Please review the land rover defender.

Alex Kolesov says:

You scratched back bumper while removing the bag. Not good :)

SwPiotrek says:

Nice car, but it seems to be ordinary.

Riko Lorber says:

In 0,32 you can see the shiny bumber and then He scratche the bumper.
Careless behaving… Dont like when car people do this sort of things.

Bai Tosho says:

Does it have a Peeing Jar compartment ?

Lucas Kroon says:

Yup, the rear bumper got scratched. Not the reviewers problem, these cars
have *form over function*. It should have a plastic sacrifice covering the
top of the bumper.

Alain Sadun says:

you made a nice scratch @0:32!!!

jNG23 says:

Q5 looks and is so much better !!! :/

Mocky Mock says:

I think Matt nicked the bumper when he pulled out the bag.. oops.. :-)

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