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Vsauce4 says:

This is shit compare to my x5

Jesus Christ says:

Jeremy Clarkson on the BMW X3: “And if you are clinically insane, by which
I mean you wake up in the morning and think you are an onion, here’s your
Other than those guys, the X3 is also a perfect car for idiots who want an
X5 but just don’t have the coin. So they buy this thing and boast around.

notformebeaky says:

My neighbour has one of these and it’s plenty big enough for tall people.

anythingyouwant29 says:

Tall people cant fit inside an X3.

Darryld1 says:

Good car which is 100% let down by it’s bizarrely estate agent-like sales
and servicing staff. It’s a cultural thing so don’t expect anything other
than small print when the time comes to fix anything. This alone caused me
to buy a Freelander 2

Mohammed El Tabbakh says:

Nice but expensive 

a38racing says:

Whos phones is that big? Well everyone who doesn’t have an iphone which is
nearly everyone

turpioSE says:

the sport version is ok but the basic one looks like a Korean Or
Japanese SUV

xzaxx says:

why people cant get it that you dont need SUV to have 4 weeldrive. you can
get 4 weeldrive in all kind of cars and class.

Shobin Drogan says:

well it is.

LS R says:

Maybe he doesn´t want people looking up his dress from the front seats…

Jose Carreras says:

What an F-ing douchefaggot…

servo140 says:

I really like the new x3 it is now not for people who cant afford x5, but a
properly good SUV.

Sunfadedlovejaded says:

@proteanview Nobody agrees with even after your post since a month ago.
Euro versions of BMW are very basic compared to USA models yet they out
perform because of less weight and get better engines because people like
you who expect a certain way BMW should be set the market in USA thus we
don’t get the small fuel efficient diesels or the manual gear boxes. BTW
nobody thumbed up your for good reason, you suck.

monkeymanprophecy says:

see that i can agree on…when u pay $40000 dollars u want ur car to be
quick….when i pay $40000 i want my car to be comfortable for me…and
thats y i have a different opinion and think this car NEEDS electric seats

Wei WANG says:

How you make it look so big, it’s fucking small

Livia Roggeman says:

If you realy want a BMW suv, then just buy the X5 ;) new X3 is fine, but it
still is ‘just’ the little brother of the X5

fs9lover says:

8 people own a Q5!

nature10879 says:

how come European cars get better mpg???? than the ones they sale here in
the US!!

Kasim Miah says:

How much is it?

MsLaker says:

Samsung Galaxy Note, is just right for the mobile phone holder.

Narii- says:

1 leg on each side of the driveshaft tunnel? Thats how we’ve been doing for
the last 30 years.

Sunfadedlovejaded says:

@dennis57980 You are right but you don’t have to call me an idiot you idiot

scotty686 says:

He forgot to mention it’s one of the ugliest things ever created and
exclusively driven by cunts.

ratiugevoli says:

it gives you that extra feel that you know how to drive a car, with
automatic you just operate the wheel and gas.

DeAndre Rushing says:

I wouldn’t have any problem letting Matt touching me

Mark Alolo says:

why did mat said that manual gearbox by BMW isn’t good to use?

ewt415 says:

sometimes if you want to shift or move around in the car, it gets in the
way. it is a minor gripe though.

German Beales says:

what is with the flashing screen 2:08

Wappy says:

It is the same size as the x5 by I expect with the x5 you are mostly paying
for the name

smitz94 . says:

blue aint much to look at, white gives it that premium feel, however it can
make you look like a footballer too haha! So its up to you, not us :D

tokyomewmewberry1 says:

Creepy much?

proteanview says:

Every BMW should have power driver seats. Ridiculous

toxik217 says:

it s ok now Audis has taken the crown for being driven exclusively by

computersnask says:

Yes! The BMW 4 and 6 cylinder diesels are among the best engines in world :)

LamboSpyder99 says:

this guy has a nice wardrobe.

j4cko56 says:


sundance2005 says:

Wish the US Gov would wake up and start allowing more diesel. 47MPG for a
SUV, I may move to the UK just so I can have one.

jerro95 says:

It would seem pretty cool if the United States allowed a Diesel version of

supektibol2011 says:

the X3 is rather Xpensive. lol

bestattitude says:

Hey Mat, cool review again ! What you call a “phone holder” under the
armrest is actually the place where an accessory “snap in adapter” is
supposed to be installed. You have to buy it from your BMW dealer
accordingly to your phone. It will then charge its battery and if you have
the option, it will also connect to the iDrive system to let you browse
your music and stuff. The car comes with a piece of plastic as standard to
protect the connectors, and that’s what you’ve called “phone holder”.

Lebron says:

In the Ottoman empire, they used to cut the cock from the very root so that
the male slaves could serve in the palaces of the Sultan (king), without
him worrying about his subjects having intercourse with his wives and
making them pregnant. No need to say that only a few of these slaves
survived the festivity, thus making them very attractive and pricey. Now is
that an occupation for you or what? It makes you pricey at least.

Lambdarevolution86 says:

So just because your old you need to adjust the seats 24/7? No i would
never freak out if someone change the settings it takes me half the time to
adjust it back manually than with electric motors. I dont see the problem
if you want electric motors you tell bmw when you buy the car, its simple…

zenith nardin says:

this guy is stupid !

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