BMW X3 Video Review —

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OneOfOne says:

none of you dopes can afford this

Paterno Labuga says:

got one its fantastic car….

zipobob1 says:

how many times is he gonna say “but it comes with a high price”?

Jonathan Buxtley says:

Nice SUV, but I hate the shifter. I’ve driven one and it’s confusing at

AdrianC12345 says:

Video review on the Volvo XC60 R-Design? :D

cystum says:

This review is useless! You need to compare idrive to Lexus Nav. Both
Mercedes’s and Volvo Nav system lack and are not easier to use . There are
many videos on you tube that did a excellent job reviewing idrive . Instead
of a blue shirt guy saying its complicated. Give more examples…. Why? Ask
questions people.

Arjun Subbiah says:

Test drove the Volvo yesterday. Looks nice on the outside but its just
terrible cheap looking interiors. Packed with safety features which is a
plus but for the price tag and stiff driver assist handling that you will
feel in your arms not worth looking at this year (2013) at least

Adrian Salvador says:

My parents have the X3 and the X5. They’re both really reliable and it
rides real smooth. It’s also really comfortable. I’d choose the X3 rather
than the X5.

abdullah -sa says:

very good

Jack Mehoff says:

Well, I would rather buy an Acura RDX. Bigger, sweet V6, AWD, great looking
and much less expensive.

lyly chhun says:

To me I think it’s good looking car then… But I love the q5

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

I remember when this channel was good…

markjwil says:

Nice car, but it’s not considered equal in alot of respects. The europeans
does it better.

Pavel Zait says:

we respect all of them ,drive and we like to get safe at home! Thanks!

aandres pinch says:

OVER 40K????? sorry but i rather have a nicely equiped JEEP GRAND-CHEROKEE!

mrjost55 says:

Who is he talking to?!

whotoobe says:

The thing is.. if you want an SUV that looks and drives good on the road..
you get an X3. You want an SUV that looks good and drives good both on and
off the road.. you get an Evoque, or the LR2. For $50,000? I’ll take the
one with the capability to do what an SUV should.

Jack Mehoff says:

Oh, sure it is. That is your opinion. The Germans do make a great product,
too, but is it worth the overzealous price? Not so sure.

Slacking02 says:

wood grain makes it look dated…

ahmed mido says:

man u r absolutly rite … i LOLed so hard hahahahahaha

dave dunn says:

No one will goto to read! Ppl want VIDEO reviews….

juschill7 says:

lol, yeah, this dude wasn’t talking to us.

dave dunn says:

I wish they would make several weekly vids but vids that are more in depth
and longer

fatboy19831 says:

The x3 is one of the most entertaining 4wd wagons on the market. It brings
room, performance , and efficiency that no other automobile can match in
the high 30′s to low 40′s range. Don’t go off road or take on more than 6
in of snow and u will be fine. If you need a real off road SUV look to
jeep. The Grand Cherokee can’t dance with the BMW or hold its value like
one. It rides better can tow and is awesome off road. The base 6 is pretty

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