BMW X4 2014 review – What Car?

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The 2014 BMW X4 caters for a particular type of car buyer – one that wants a more style-focused SUV. See whether the combination works in our video review. R…


Ioanides001 says:

when X6 was released I thought it was rather pointless but it did grow on
me and now I’d rather fancy one of those. Not an X4 though as I find it to
narrow for how tall it is and looking a bit cheap.
I finally dig the idea of a sporty looking SUV, a convergence of family car
and sports car if you really need to have everything in one package. I
don’t tho..

BH Jo says:

You look like Robert Pattinson

Jamie Pickles says:

I prefer the New BMW X3 20d Luxury

PTChris1 says:

i see no point in these “suv coupe” things. is there really a market for
this junk. I don’t see many around…

Isaac Permentier says:

it’s not the floor that’s high, but the back bench that has been lowered
for more headroom :)

jonny5777 says:

You guys do good reviews

Lee-harry C says:

Just get the x5…

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