BMW X4 vs Porsche Macan: sports SUV showdown

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Subscribe to the channel now: BMW’s new coupé-syled crossover contender, the X4, is a new entry to the sports SUV market. Can the …


David Chiu says:

Am I like the only one that dont really follow this SAV/crossover trend? I
mean I personally respect those bigger brothers like X5, X6, Cayenne etc.
But I always ask myself why people choose these crossovers instead of a
E350, 535i, A6. GS350 I mean these crossovers dont offer good rear seating
space, trunk is like 5/10, and those mid size sedans I just mentioned could
be even bigger if you choose the wagon form. Ok I get that these have AWD
and better traction… But do you ever take your car offroad in the mud or
sand? Most people buying these cars prob have a job in the cities and the
most extreme condition is prob heavy snow. Well then you can equip 4WD
system with those sedans I just mentioned. Im no hater but it seems like
everyone now is chooseing crossovers over sedans….

Paul He says:

There is a 313 hp version of the x4 

llvlletal3oy says:

those quads on the Porsche are just for showing off then? 

dailyforman says:

that bmw is REALLY ugly. It is on the same level as Fiat Multipla. 

surfing636 says:

If I had the money, it would be Porsche Macan all the way. A fraction
slower on the straights vs better cornering speeds & control.

Glenn says:

Are you kidding me, “the 0-60 time does not matter” Nobody goes off-road
with these vehicles and they aren’t exactly track cars either. The 0-60
time is one of the more important aspects. 

Will James says:

Fuck them both, get a Range Rover!!!

Felix Aitken says:

I have to say, i usually hate porsches but this is the final push to make
me like them. First there was the 918, then the new 911 and now the Macan.
I have seen several macans and i want one! ps. BMW, why the fuck did you do
that, thats almost as much as a brand ruiner then the aston martin cygnet

swinglow33 says:

In the spirit of winter coming up, I’d like to see how these two do in ice
and snow.

888TopGear888 says:

They call that off-roading? A Toyota Corolla could do that. 

alpinaB12coupe says:

I’m a big fan of BMWs, but X4 is hideous

M3Conv says:

If you want a car that’s ‘sporty’ handles well, and not bothered about
going off road.
Why would you buy one of these?

I had to laugh when he said ‘the torque between 1,500 and 3,000rpm’

That’s idling surely :)

Dominik Vereno says:

Maybe i’m just weird, but i think that the X4 looks better than the Macan

TaS FN says:

I’d recommend the Macan in every way. It’s beautiful if you adjust it to
your own likes in design. For instance color, frame color, etc. and please,
don’t take a diesel. Yes it’s cheaper, but in my opinion, if you buy a
Porsche, it should be like a Porsche, quick and just fascinating. I think
the diesel isn’t that enlightening. The Macan S and the Macan turbo is just
a whole other story. I think the 400 BHP on the macan, with a 4.3 second
time to 60 would beat the highest end BMW X4 model easily. For off-road the
Macan is also excellent. The suspension raises by a good 6 cm, giving you
space to really push it on ice and dirt tracks.

Ben Hasson says:

That’s the HDC button, not an off-road button 

ciph3ro says:

Really? You reviewed the diesel versions? Wouldn’t the top tier gas
versions make more sense? … That’s what I was hoping to see.

TheEasyontheeyes says:

Wtf ? Sold put ? Who the fvck is buying this shit ? Or do they produce like
5 cars a year ?

Buruiana Eugeniu says:

BMW X4 vs Porsche Macan: sports SUV showdown:

John Carder says:

Does anyone else think the rear end of the Macan strongly resembles an
older Subaru wagon?

julienjjj says:

Status symbol Grocery getters showdown…. lame.

N.C. says:

The Macan is a mile better than the X4 in terms of looks itself.

Pieter Venter says:

My thoughts. Use it, don’t use it. The point of these cars are versatility.
Otherwise buy a Boxter or Caman or 435i (or take your pick). In light of
the review I would question the “off road ability” of these vehicles. What
the footage showed was a dirt track you grandma’s Punto would have coped
with. What about boulder strewn rocky trails full of ditches (and heaven
forbid you get a puncture far off the beaten track in cars with no full
sized spare). I know this is a minority concern, but I recently ended up in
that kind of situation driving a seemingly government maintained dirt road
that turned out to be a rutted track, and I don’t think low profile road
tires would have managed at all. So my point is (at long last) that real
versatility involves ground clearance of 200mm plus, distance between tread
and rim, and a full sized spare in the boot. Both of these in my view fail
as anything other than status symbols. YMMV.

world traveler says:

x4 front end, not bad. profile ehhh pontiac aztek lol

Adam K says:

Damn, I don’t think either car can win if they look so goddamn ugly. I have
no idea where Porsche sent off the Carrera GT designer and who is the
lonely person who designed the nice i8, but whoever designed these cars
should probably try luck at making music or whatever, because they do no
good job at this.

AverageInvestor says:

2:03 Fag paper close eh?

prana8 says:

Nice review and comparison between the two, thank you. One comment I keep
making with your videos, why does he keep saying no owners will take their
SUVs off road ? This may be the case in some countries where there are no
off road tracks, but some of us live outside of the UK (or wherever) and
want to know the true feel of how it really does off road, cross loaded,
two wheels in air, articulation etc.. Please consider your reviews to hit a
wider audience, and yes, I want to know it it handles hill climbs, minor
rock courses, and dirt/mud, the traction control system, those things do
matter. Thanks for your consideration Autocar.

Ted McScorcher says:

Both are great polyvalent vehicles but if you can afford just one car, the
Macan becomes balanced perfection. It’s like an all-in-one Swiss knife: a
sportscar, an all weather/road capable car, a roomy practical estate with
four comfy seats, not too big in the city, not too small on the highway,
good mileage, great presence yet understated. Nobody else can match this.

TheCrystalyne says:

The Porsche has silly lights….

Mark J says:

Porsche, there is no substitute !

sergiuguler says:

again I realize that all your tests results are bought

Tomasz Semik says:

BMW oh yea

Berke Pakbese says:

I have a x3

ibn faqir says:

on looks alone the porsche wins wont buy that makes u throw up

shab mfales says:

i like the x4 more then the macan the macan looks cheep 

Michael Hansen says:

I actually saw a Macan this week .. here in Krakow and I just thought
“looks decent… but is it any good?” – windows were black (many VIP’s here
in Polands 2. largest city) but here in this great review – I can see that
the cabin is just spot on :) and hear that the car is great ….. “a real
Porsche”, amazing :)

Alexandre Fernandes says:

Swiss knifes!
I love those cars for everyday! Specially the Macan!

Domenico Borsellino says:

macan wins

papoopa5800 says:

Why does this guy talk like he’s trying to seduce his girlfriend. Its a car
review for pete’s sake!

Bruno Danese says:

How they handle off road may be irrelevant. However, offroad traction could
tell us which one would handle better in snow.

Felix S says:

The Macan wins by miles. The exterior is beautiful compared to the X4 which
hurts the eye when you look. Interior is way better than in the BMW, the
fact that it’s a Porsche means you get good quality and good driving
experience because they are good at what they do. Not to mention that the
Porsche is cheaper and more economical. I can’t see any reasons why the BMW
could ever win a fight against any Porsche, unless they were only compared
by 0-100 km/h times. You might find videos here in youtube where a BMW X5M
or X6M barely beats a Porsche Cayenne turbo in a streetrace, but keep in
mind that even if you are able to beat a Cayenne turbo in your BMW X 5/6M
there is also a chance you run into a Turbo S model of the Cayenne which
will leave you in shame. Not being a hater but you just can’t compare these
two auto makers, but when you do, make sure you match the most powerful
ones of each model to see the real difference. In example, X5 or X6 5.0i
should be compared to the Cayenne turbo and X5M or X6M to the Turbo S

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