BMW X5 2013 video review – What Car?

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Subscribe: The BMW X5 is good to drive on the road and pretty decent off it. However, while it performs well in many areas – running co…


Tuddec says:

The seats 40-20-40%, not 60-40% as the review suggests!

Lee H says:

this reviewer need to grow a beard to review a x5, most buyers are middle
age corp executives . more suitable to review a corsa. 

Tobersheer mokgatle says:

steering feels unnatural? you the first reviewer who’s against the x5 BMW

Steve ldnuk says:

It is funny they focused on one element to take it down so much, it gives a
bias downwards to this car. What other SUV’s look and have such a great
balance of tech on the inside? The Lexus is tacky on the interior, the
Porche interior is ugly and looks old fashioned, the merc looks like the
old BA first class. The point of refinement according to their site is
engine and road noise. Well a powerful M V8 motor will do that and the
engine will have a nice burr to it. If you are not used to driving powerful
engines you wont be used to their noise they make. to round it off be
telling people to go look elsewhere for refinement is very misleading when
all you are really talking about is noise. Use the correct words to talk
about what you actually mean and don’t give misleading impressions.

marceli szpak says:

who is this little twat who does not have a clue about car he is talking to

Jason Edwards says:


drawdy trick says:

X5 one of the best suv
1 nimble not bulky
2 best in class on fuel
3 feels like a car
4 nav is very good
5 it’s a good pantyfinder!

djweetos says:

Don’t review a 30d when you’re actually driving a M50d!

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