BMW X5 F15 Video Road and Off Road Test by Honest John

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Honest John video review of the BMW F15 X5 on and off road. Full written review at


Andrea Caucino says:

I still prefer the X5 (or Cayenne) instead of the Range Sport.

Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die. says:

Actually x5 is ok offroad with good tyres.

Jay wu says:

go home and sleep ra,uncle old

dries86 says:


Tuddec says:

The X5 is the best car in its class today. The RR Sport is a little better
off road, but this literally kicks the competition’s a$$.

adam white says:

Heisenberg does a road test

rogeritt88 says:

So funny the problem is a Range Rover that uses more fuel is slower and
notoriously more unreliable. Yea sounds like a problem to me. Not.

Daniels30 says:

I would love to own this car, shame the petrol doesn’t get these awesome

honestjohncouk says:
cockshield says:

This guy has an awesome voice!

Vehrner Von Julius says:

3:34-3:39, Honestly John, I really don’t SEE the problem.Even if it exists
it’s only in England! With all due respect 4 the Range Rover sport.

sid203 says:

You’re videos rock !!! Honest John My hats off to you sir Great job

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