BMW X5 Review (2000)

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Ginny Buckley has advice for you if you’re looking for a luxurious saloon car with off-road capabilities, as she reviews the gorgeous BMW X5.


Argentum Boyle says:

Excellent review from a female auto expert for female customers. I love
the way you didn’t inject your biase opinion into your review. Thank you
for being neutral and for presenting simply the facts. Every good review.

kblairp says:

Good review

Andre Korte says:

Love it

Men and Motors says:

Thanks for the comment Andre – glad you loved the car! Please subscribe to
the channel if you haven’t already as we have some great clips with some
awesome car reviews that you’ll really enjoy :)

Men and Motors says:

Thanks kblairp – please feel free to subscribe to the channel to watch more
great videos, reviews and clips – especially some awesome BMW reviews that
we are sure you will enjoy :)

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