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Marian Kaminskyi says:

It’s like watching video in a mirror, steering wheel wrong side, car is
going wrong direction. 

Ethan Glozman says:

You talk way to much

nicktk says:

The Car have one problem…the steering well it on the right side …lol :)
O yeah it UK edition…:D

MrPeterthepilot says:

Nice piece of kit. Tried one out recently and I have 2 problems with it.
First, it has a growing reputation for dodgy reliability. Second, the ride
is very firm. Great handling but I’m not taking one from Melbourne to
Adelaide. RRSport almost as quick, almost as good handling and a much
better off roader and cruiser.

OnlineBackupServices says:

the rear armrest looks flimsy. It seems like if you put too much pressure
on it it will break or something.

TopDawg6800 says:

i was kidding…..and i own a 2013 x5…..and what about reddeadmarshal’s

fezzy g boii says:

why don’t you review older cars and an Audi Q7 Thankyou

SRB Srbija says:

Yes it is…

bitchslapper12 says:

I’ve always said BMW has cheap interior it’s just humiliating

halldorarni22 says:

it´s called a turbo. like the new q7 has 333 hp but the previous model had
350 but still it has a better 0-60 time

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

I think he meant how thick it is.

Gagan Preet says:

q7 is better

Masood H says:

Yep and besides, his english is off too :p

herbie0408 says:

Sorry lady, just that these three catagories have great difficulty in
driving large vehicles…Mum’s cannot back, Asain’s having difficulty
seeing anyone else on the road, and guys in tight T-shirts are generally

sourov hossain says:

Nice car

aquaphoenixx says:

Buy pressing a button on your ignition key. Plus even if you don’t have
groceries it helps to prevent your hands getting dirty when it is raining.
I find it quite useful. It not just for douchebags.

LS R says:

To be sarcastic you must be smart, asshole. So maybe you are one of the
sissies that needs a button to close a gate. What some cars have (a sensor
below the rear bumper, where you swing your foot and the gate opens, is way
more useful with loaded hands than pressing a button with full hands to
OPEN, not to close, you idiot. But forgive me, you are one of the sissies
that needs these stupid things so your nails won´t be ruined. For sarcasm
you need intelligence, asshole.

Shanto Mathew says:

BMW GOOD VEHICLE ,,,but same look fun to drive low price ,,functios are
more than CX 5 ,,TRY new MASDA CX 5…SUPER vehicle….

abdulghany w. says:

its amazing

HolbergEM says:

Very nice reviews and Brit accent too;)

LS R says:

What happened to that good old “closing the gate by pushing it down with
your hands?” Guess it is very convenient for when you have your hands full
with groceries, but how the heck do you press that button if your hands are
full with shopping bags anyway? Your nose?

kibzor says:

The boot is absolutely huge, as you will see in a minute


I know this might sound a bit high tech, but you put your shopping in first
and then press the button once its in the boot (trunk).

1CrazyDudeYo says:

Maybe, I do prefer Audi, especially with their offer of 5 years free
service, but there is quite a difference in price, and honestly, not that
comfy, am 6’4 and fit better in the X5. The new X5 is surprisingly a very
good fam car.

LamboSpyder99 says:

Porsche Cayenne is better as it can be very useful off road, with just as
much performance/luxury for city use.

iamdavid132 says:

Why does he constantly sound out of breath..?

halldorarni22 says:

nope bmw claims 0-100km/h in 6.8 but 0-60 mph in 6.4 secs just check the
review from autoblog.

futmut1000 says:

the new ml is way better….

Rachel Williams says:

i like bmw’s

Preethish Anam says:

Hey Matt, Can you please review the BMW X6..?

Jordan McCabe says:

optional extra

moddingpark says:

Almost everyone today puts a tyre repair kit, charging you if you want a
real spare wheel. And sometimes it isn’t even as big as the normal wheels.

FUCK202 says:

So the fact it produces some of its horsepower via forced injection trumps
the extra 60 BHP the V8 has?

toxik217 says:

is better for while x56 will be better for driving enthisiast and bmw fans
… End of story

Martin Cooper says:

cubbies=storage spaces boot=trunk

TopDawg6800 says:

i didn’t know a 15 year old gypsy boy could afford one

TopDawg6800 says:

oh and i meant i dont know any 15 year old that can afford one i didnt mean
to offend

George Lawrence says:

Mpg? – Good, bad?

yzoooon says:


FUCK202 says:

That’s stupid, why would they claim different things for the same speed in
different measurements?

mxsss196 says:

I want to decide x3 or x5?helppp

FUCK202 says:

1) the 35i is a 6 cylinder which is worse, 2) it will do 2-3 MPG more which
is probably a saving of about £3.50 per year, 3) it sounds shit.

typicalmonica says:

beautifully said, got straight to the point

toxik217 says:

yeah:)) … Watch out where you park it … But u’ll get some wanted
attention from Girls probably

FUCK202 says:

Totally agree, It’s not convenient for when you have your hands full – it
requires your hand to press either the button on the tailgate or on the key
fob in which case you could close it yourself as you must put your shopping
down anyway, unless you use your nose of course!

Gray S says:

0:34 sounds like he’s gonna die lol

Ragref says:

What car is it?

exeQuisite says:

38 mpg for the diesel model as stated in the video.

DulferCarter says:

“An SUV that doesn’t feel like an SUV to drive”. Well, i guess it feels
more like a push shopping cart. WTF?

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