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BMW recently launched their facelifted X5 SUV in India. We decided to pit it against the Audi Q7. Watch our video review to find out which one came out on to…


kunby kubby says:

When is the next generation audi q7 is coming to India?

Venkat Gopalan says:

Fortuner? Hmm … I remember reading in one of the reviews that the 3rd row
was bad in it as well. What’s the point in having a low 3rd row seat making
u sit with ur knees up? Also … comparing the Fortuner and Prado are not
at all fair as they are far more expensive. I was praising the 3rd row of
the Ertiga but just the seats. No engine comparison or otherwise. And we
must accept that it’s unbeatable value for money and many more Indians can
afford the Ertiga than the expensive Fortuner and Prado. Point is, when u
market something as a 7 seater, it should be a proper 7 seater. Period. I
shall be visiting a Toyota showroom soon for the new Altis so I’ll check
the 3rd row of seats in the Fortuner myself and probably post back.

Venkat Gopalan says:

Such big expensive SUVs but a terrible 3rd row? Unbelievable. I think the
Suzuki Ertiga has the most well designed and comfortable 3rd row seats in
the Indian market. Beats the Innova too. I am a 100kg well built male, and
I could get comfortable in the Ertiga’s 3rd row seat! Now that speaks
volumes doesn’t it? The Ertiga at around 8.7L on road Chennai is unbeatable
value for money and oozes practicality.

Gagan Preet says:

q7 is also lot cheaper 56 lakh vs 71 lakh 

Sangita Porashor says:

i m quite comfortable with my a6 and im not goig for this big suvs

Gur Adeeshwar Rangi says:

The Q7 is a bit old fashioned

Mishone Paulson says:

Comparing with innova and ertiga xuv have more space and power. And yes
also features

Bhavesh92ish says:

Why not in hd.?

Hritwij Shirode says:

mercedes gl class is the best but wait till 2015 audi q7 comes out…:)

Autocar India says:

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