BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

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In the midst of the credit crunch, Jeremy Clarkson undertakes a modest and low budget ‘worldwide’ review of the BMW X6! First Uploaded June 29 2010 Subscribe…


Michiel Depoortere says:

Strange video.

ali pontiac says:

own the car for almost 3 years nothing wrong with it, Top gear always
biased to British cars. When buying a car auto journalist opinion doesn’t
matter your opinion as a buyer matter.

K_H_A_N_J_A_R says:

people buy this car for the looks, and 90% of the people who buy an SUV
dont go offroading, X6 is an awesome car, in my opinion

Dimitri Duta says:

The x6 is beautiful on the outside and inside but not good on road. My mum
has one it works fine. 

Travis Schpeltinger says:

BMW, can’t build cars, FACT !

VintageRKO says:

So its not good on road and it sucks off-road? Then whats the purpose of
this car other than its mixed criticized styling? 

Dimitri Duta says:

My mum has owned x6 for 2 years now

NSXShockwave says:

My Dad wants to buy this car. Every time he brings it up, I tell him to
stop being stupid.

MegaMaster456 says:

I think I’d buy a Range Rover Evoque instead…

Amir Sefat says:

+Alireza Sefat

Salih Buhari Baş says:

nothing wrong with the gear system. Also why are you expecting off road
things from X6.

Cezar Toma says:

summer tires

Libo Hou says:

My friend feels really sick of his X6 

Muhammad Izzuan says:

that guy make it looks small. how big is that guy? seriously? 

Ostis Austin says:

Now how you going to beat Mercedes with this BS? Common i have fate in ya
Bmw, put that lock differental!

Luke Crossley says:

Why go to Australia to test a glove box Top Gear?!

Jay Parikh says:

So top gear to go to Australia and test a glove box 

H carz says:

I think the BMW x6 is way better than the rangerover

Napaćeni Bošnjo says:

This guy is idiot ..

Swagnificent1991 says:

An X6 is basically a X5 with less cargo room. So why in the hell wouldn’t
you just buy a X5!?

Penguin says:

Same here

Ricardo Afonso says:

Pointless car….

ABC060491 says:

holy shite BBC has one hell of a budget

MrWatever17 says:

german car hater!! BMW is way better than stupid Range Rover!

alffares says:

I hate this car , its not a SUV , its not a sedan , its not any shit !
What the hill is this car ?

HesteBremse says:

Actually I do not find the X6 ugly, I can see the muscular attraction – But
never the less Clarkson is quite spot on with several things about it. I
found the bad snow handling to be the worst thing for the X6 – This whole
profile of high sitting sport mixed with coupe just could not fit much
better into the scenery of a ski resort – If it was any good at it then it
would be justified – But I guess it´s not – hopefully never version has
improved. It should also have active ride control – it says; i´m powerful,
i´m advanced, i´m fast ready for any situation – Sadly it just is´nt.
Nearly any other choice in this and the nearby segments would be better
options, including X5, Q5, AUDI Station wagons with Quattro, Range Rovers,
Touareg, Mercedes with 4Matic, even an Cherokee would be a better choice
and I would take a 330XD over the X6 anyday. 

Victor Carlsson says:

BMW X6 is not god. bay a Volvo xc90 polatar and you will se what a car
should be like.

bigBcrg says:

I like how noone is getting the joke of traveling around spending a lot of
money to review this car, which is itself a waste of money in the middle of
a recession.

fallfromgrave says:

bmw and maserati are actualy only carmakers who do that gearbox rightway.
only stupid cocks and people who know shit are thinking that it is a wrong

BMWX1M says:

this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the X6 is one of the best
handling SAV on the market

Yas The Defender says:

I think people buy suv’s more for the practicality, the feeling of power
due to high seating position and the safety of it.. 

Rohan Blake says:

Love his reviews. Always kill BMW lol

David Hee says:

via +Top Gear 

Aaron Choi says:

indeed barbados sound much better alternative than this car. 

Markus Birth says:

+Top Gear s Jeremy Clarkson testet den +BMW Deutschland X6 …

*”…and it’s got the iDrive system which can only be operated if you are

*”What was the boss of BMW doing when all the clowns in the laptop
department were coming up with this rubbish. I can only assume she was in a
motel with a Swiss spy.”*

Herrlich! :)

azam mofti says:

It looked smart but……. not worth it.

Luke Crossley says:

I have an X5, and that is way better than this. A car gets you from A to B.
What more could you ask?

S Johnson says:

LOOL 4:24!!!

Nicholas Andreas says:

with summer tires on snow :))) loooool !

chrisg4rr377 says:

He gets paid too much for a dream job and the price to make that video must
of been huge, pisses you off every year when you’ve got to pay the TV

X6Rsck says:
bmw x6 rear seat conversion kit !

Media & Entertainment News says:

New On IrieTubeApp BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

Isheanesu Mavhimba says:

BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

Khym Harrison says:

BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

BMW X6 car review – Now in Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

mas sam says:

in a time of recession, making a review of ONE car in 5/6 countries is not
rediculous ? german car hater. go suck range rovers dick

08alfieclppsorguk says:

thanks jeremy

oneviwatara says:

lol! The ultimate useless machine.

Lukasz Cholewinski-Hoareau says:

so popular here in Poland and I hate it so much . It’s ugly and purposeless

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