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Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for the 2014 BMW 2 Series M 135i and the 535i Luxury Line.

Milind Raj says:

Rubbish! And rubbish review.

simon cutter says:

brilliant review!

FungusLabel says:

This interior is a joke for the price!

David Dimitrov says:

Hahah coupé on steroids

Jal Ka says:

I just recently traded my white one for a black one that has an M engine
and loving it.

Zvonimir Matić says:

This car is a beast even with the weakest engine, I bet 80% if you talking
shit about this car are probably dreaming because you will never be able to
afford it

German Beales says:

I hat this car 

Ninad Ganore says:

This car is shit


Nice vehicle.

Bwause83 says:

the interior looks so boring. like a “cheap” 3 series. 

masterpatricZeta3 says:

worst design ever.

Ali Humaydan says:

He didn’t liked it :)

George Lawrence says:

What was BMW thinking?….

Jun Lai says:

What car do you drive Mat ? Also, please stop recommending Land Rovers and
Range Rovers. 

DemonNord says:

You forgot to say this is the X6M50d M Performance version.

xGareth13 says:

Are you on Drugs?

Jacob7316 says:

“its quite big isn’t it” hahaha… XD

Green Devils says:

I am Indonesian, even though we are far away from Germany but I love the
BMW X6 and I want to buy 1 unit :D

petrolpower96 says:

If it`s a petrol.

Pedro Santos says:

How does he not talk about the 740 NM this thing produces…

driftxxbr says:

Ok well,lets begin with the speed of that thing…the 35i model of the x6
can go from 0-100km/h in 6.4 sec. Impressive, it’s a v6 and can beat a
lot.of V8…looks? Pretty awesome to me,and i have been driving a bmw since
im 18 (im 34 now)…interior is amazing…handling is incredible!…and for
the rear seats ok well it may be a little small but hey…i have been using
my x6 for a year now and the rear seats have been used for 2% of this
year,and everyday i drive this beast,t feels like the 1st

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

wow just wow BMW….why would somebody choose X6 over X5…….This
particular model is just fail….The looks are really weird and
awkward…and the rear seats are actually purely useless…and such a high
price tag….X1 and X6 are shit…x3 is good and x5 is the only awesome one

lauriersroses333 says:

german cars are better than any others cars :)

vasilsokol says:

I like this car, f**k me, right?

Mainiac1221 says:

you ever heard of the range rover evoque?

Alex Walters says:

The Acura ZDX and Honda Crosstour are just like the BMW X6.

Draious says:

and he just laughed and hung up the phone after realizing the cost

dryolddesert says:

My Asian classmate (18 yr old) and he got one for his birthday from his
dad. Why is my dad so poor :( ?

Gianluca Ivaldi says:

This car is stupid conceptually, but there’s no denying it is FUCKIN GANGSTA

BlueVitesse says:

Do a review of the M5

JannellexP says:

@sn00piedog Yes.

Narii- says:

Test drive it. Dynamic drive is one awesome invention.

yeah5406 says:

so ugly car

Moby Dick says:

Were you a good girl?

MrJeronimo94 says:

Yes it’s true but acctually it’s not made for this purpose. Actually Bmw
has never developped a decent offroad system.

yakup tatar says:

arabaya bak amk dinozor daşşagı gibi

carmatazz says:

I hope you understand that Jeremy says many bullshit for the show and money.

Johnson C says:

Jeremy doesn’t do pure reviews. He does car shows.

TheChronosus says:

Exactly. It’s big, ugly and pointless.. just as executives and mobsters
driving it. And I love Matt’s reviews but this is not a 4.3 car. It’s the
most pointless car on the market now (and in the competition for most
pointless car ever)

GAboy3030 says:

Just another thought. Critics knock this ride for having only four seats. A
potential buyer should ask themselves is it necessary to have a 5-7 seater.
I owned a Yukon XL a few years back that could carry 7 people. I can count
on one hand how many times I actually needed to use my third row seats
during the six years I owned it. I think the X6 is for the BMW enthusiast
or someone looking for a four wheel drive and sporty SUV that has the
handling and performance similar to a smaller sedan.

gittys1982 says:

hate SUV. This one is good, but i think real BMW – is not more then 5

Peter Klemenc says:

What an idiotic creation that is!!!




is that bmw is stick shift?

tommysaeys2 says:

that an x6m

DvlZAOO kon says:

this is not an a SUV CAR this is SAV

Cornerer says:

i know he did quite a no. of biased reviews but still i absolutely agree
wif him on this 1 … to me the X6 has a really strong “identity crisis”
presence and i just can’t understand why BMW could even decide to make it.
i would always prefer a X5 over this. i hv to clarify here though tht i’m a
modern on-road SUVs hater so dn’t take my words too seriously :)

Yannick Müller says:

Its a fucking beast!

teodor1403 says:

I hate the x6 but the 3 liter 3 turbo enige in this is just madness!

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