BMW X6 SUV review – What Car?

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Read the What Car? BMW X6 review The X6 is superb to drive, blending strong acceleration with the agility of a sports saloon. The four-s…


papaction says:

those who cannot afford the x6 will always have something negative to
say.if u have a lot of kids go buy the x5,q7,discovery


Dis is not a SUV….its a CUV… Coupe Utility Vehicle!!

Tan H says:

You can’t buy an X5 without getting XDrive.

Dennis Lindberg says:

4 chars very bad :(

George Salceanu says:

i know the song is Roberto Rizzo – I Wanna , but it’s not the exact same
one….what is the version in the video? Is a remix or what? Cause i can’t
find it.

thegoodbear1 says:

Fab looking car.

humzaprodoctions says:

im sorry better grip and off roader than x5 you must be in a different
planet. i had an x5 for 3 months and could’t get up a field that had a
hill.i bought a 2009 x5 withouth xdrive and it got up no proplem on the
same field, so it would be even better with xdrive

humzaprodoctions says:

why are most cars her 4 stars

RandomStuffLikeThat says:

Truthfully, I think that Robert Rizzo isn’t the original creator of that
instrumental. I believe he just stole some royalty-free music track,
remixed it/reedited it (hence why you can hear the stuttering/sloppy
editing in the second part of the song), and called it his own to avoid
being found by the original creator of the instrumental. As to what the
real name of the instrumental is, I’ve been trying to find that for over a
year and a half now.

RandomStuffLikeThat says:

In regards to the version that plays in this video, I know that it’s an
alternate version (that’s probably found on the original royalty-free music
site that this instrumental comes from) Actually, I know of another video
where this alternate version (the same one that plays in this video) is
used. You can view it here (it’s a scene pulled from a DVD called Super
Speeders 4, where I first heard this track): /watch?v=-gf5tLg6QlA In short,
I know ‘I Wanna’ isn’t the real name of the song.

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