BMW X6 Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Javier Castillo says:

i will get one of these when i have enuf $! it’s the most eye-catching car
to have come out in recent years!

John Carson says:

Personally everyone i know dislikes this car, I find it very captivating
its the innovation of a Coupe in an Crossover, what more could you ask
for!! Beautiful car but i can see why people dislike it, it kind of reminds
people of the “Hunchback of notre dame”, the roof of car looks enormous, as
if it where bruised. Still a very nice cross over but id take the Infiniti
Fx over this any day.

tazzcaaarlovr says:

if you are thinking 2 buy it, buy it know! cuz the 2010 x6 is baaaad!

ryantwilight says:

i think that this car makes no sense, it doesnt belong anywhere, of fills
anyplace, because like the GMC yukon, it fills the place between the
lower-line tahoe, and the luxury escalade=) but, i guess it could fill the
place between the x3 and x5, but i still dont know about that,

vk45de says:

goes to show they know a lot

Classicprettyboyprep says:

6-8 more yrs till I can afford to buy this… Good thing I spotted this car
at 19.

bewd6797 says:


manfred05 says:


trinidadaa says:

its a 3 liter twin-turbo.

jfizz313 says:

nice i like infiniti’s

ehab ezat says:

i really like the back of this car

Samplemonster says:

I think it’s beautiful. It has tremendous road presence with its size.

Argiris Papadopoulos says:

its ugly! its like a zerg infested x5. not to mention is nothing special

kicksoffs says:

I drove one in st lucia

minibus1351 says:

i don’t understand the special use for this. You can”t go off road, so you
want performance on the road, but you’d rather get a coupe or a sports
sedan for that. It doesn’t even have large storage space or third row
seats… It doesn’t look that good either

YourPowerStation says:

it looks bald

MrHarlemworld says:

car is great!!

wazukacooloongatta says:

see that here remove +

Classicprettyboyprep says:

@yynotnnh and I wasn’t?… your from the internet I don’t got time to argue
wit brave net niggas… See me in person then it be another story….

Sam Josephs says:

@bogdanfbi i no this guys an idiot

a6km says:

its a horrible bumpy drive nothing else

Fares Haddadin says:

@bewd6797 i have to say that you dont know anything about cars! the x5 is
nothin glike the x6, it has higher horse power, better handling, better
technology such as cameras on the back, it also has much better wheels the
best worldwide along with the lamorghini gallardo, also it has medical
chairs, meaning you can not only change the degree and hight pof your
chair, however, you can change the sides, its head and everything is
better, in exception of off road drining

DonPhilip84 says:

looks just like an X5 with a flattended and coupe like roofline

Classicprettyboyprep says:

age 27-30 making my goal to have u!

FantastyckplastycK says:

this car is so fucking amazing!

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