BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe–Chicago Cars Direct HD

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omask7 says:

Chris, I would like to know how tall you are to get a good idea on space
and comfort inside. Great video.

Josh Stubbins says:

Little tip nobody wants to buy a car that they have seen you cane the arse
off on the freeway.

jpaw1990 says:

it’s a coupé… not a cage for chickens

deivi taveras says:

Me gusta esto 

PioneerDC4 says:

theres one near me right now but its just out of my affordable range cause
its an 07 :( this car is a godsend to me 

bkl says:


hotgirlsarehot says:

“Aw, fuck. It sounds so good” @ 8:29


hotgirlsarehot says:

You know, at the start of the video I was afraid the Z4 would sound weak,
but good God at 8:01, I got chills and I smiled really wide. My NEW dream
car. Well, this or a 996 Boxster.

hojimitown says:

looking for to sell and buy Posche Carrera S, but cool car actually

Kenny Neto says:

supra int he background at );36 as like “i rev way louder and im faster and
rarer BUY ME!!”

TofuProductionCinema says:

The supra at :37-:40 is laughing at the bmw ;). Great review, Chris.

Pool Liner says:

hahaha. call back to the shop and tell em to take it off the website, Chris
is taking it home with him!!!

Alex Simon says:

ye cuz semi’s drive 50mph so it looks fast when he passes them at 80 lol

Viking445 says:

2:06 wow time to replace the rotors!

1bentley4ever says:

I really nice Z4, but the new Z4 is sheer perfection. The best color to get
a new one is black on red with aluminum trim.

staggabob says:

@TAKECOVER222 Haha! You mean go to Europe if you want to hear a French word
pronounced properly? Why’s it so difficult?

29ryan49 says:

I hate how most people say Koup. It’s a damn coupe, accent on the e.

A1 says:

@bigpara1497 What an idiot trying to be a smart ass

Ted McScorcher says:

One of the sexiest bimmers ever and a future classic. Love it & nice review.

VivaLaBamEpisodes says:

Ive driven on Chicago highways many many times and most truckers are doing

Dániel Horváth says:

255? In Europe this makes 272 BHP!

bestlupinski says:

have you ever gotten a speeding ticket on the job?

themiker15 says:

@comput65 no he was talking about the m coupe

TAKECOVER222 says:

@29ryan49 go to europe if you want to hear people say coup’e’

bigpara1497 says:

Proximation! love your videos chris but not a real word, its either in
relation or proximity not both!

Judd Winter says:

Daammmn,was that a You Don’t Know Jack reference?

Jukka Antikainen says:

Aaahhhh… now your video quality is ok…

Tripp426 says:

1:59 lmao

chip chipperson says:

Hey don’t move the wheels left and right it messes up the tires

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