BMW Z4 35is – 90sec review by

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Rayco Herbert Schmeller Pérez says:

too expensive, I prefer the old one

KrekerisT says:

3sec verdict: 90sec verdicts not good

kelloggcerealxoxo says:

Note: the owner of this car has a very BIG penis

Экспертное Подразделение Диванных Войск! says:

@ViperVenomACR Whats the point? to save 50 kg?

whiteandnerdytuba says:

90s makes sense as a teaser for a real video. nothing more

stigger91 says:

I’d buy that car over something else in its class for its beauty. Inside
and out I just love it.

sultanabran1 says:

yes, and my opinion is that convertibles ruins nice cars.

Malte Christrup says:

I don’t care.. It looks awesome.. And seems like it’s got punch enough to
that engine =)

oogoditscharlie says:

Lol what make this a “verdict”?, pointless stupid opinion him.

saavaa says:

@NotoriousRacer bmw suv’s are very good, best in their segments must say.

Ryan Zimmerman says:

wow seriously [ questionable ride quality ]wow it a sports car shut the f
up its not suppose to ride like a 7-series

Osir Tulane says:

Love the 90 second reviews. It’s a bit of a taste, and if I want to know
more I switch over to some other channel!

Phaenomenon says:

want this car =)

bonespg1971 says:

I love the 90 second verdics.

FinalFantasySys says:

The fps on this video is a little slower

Daniel Hansen says:

I’ll tell you what’s a disappointment here, that’s you giving us this
rubbish review!

scootosan says:

“the hood” I thought you call it the bonnet call it what it is a “melon
cover” hahahah

Pete B says:

Ok if thats the same tt engine as a 335 or 135 then this car is worth it.
Three words ;Intake, Tune , Exhaust. Then compare some shit. I believe with
those mods would put it at well over 410 wheel HP!!!! Sleeper anybody?

sultanabran1 says:

what douche bag would put the top down on that car? it’s like the most
beautiful car around and making it convertible is just dickheaded.
convertible ruins the most beautiful profiles of a car.

Christian Villanueva says:

fuck fuck fuck!! i plaing NFS! 5 star! bitch!

CarsTrucksAndAirplanes says:

These 90 second reviews suck. Reason why nobody else does it? cuz its a
stupid idea.

Londo Mollari says:

@joshcfriesen Clean your ears, he said 335bhp

Lineage2MediaCom says:

still cant compare to the pure beauty of the z3

Ernest Fair says:

@amaan08051994 They’re still a magazine.

MarMPB says:

It’s time to compare this with the “old” Z4 M in a drag and track race. Did
not see videos or mag articles about it yet….

khunopie says:

I’m sorry this review is incorrect. Verdict: FAIL

AmCersey says:

Dont waste your money on this… Buy a TT RS, cheaper, faster and better

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