BMW Z4 Review – Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: BMW Z4. Youve got the convertible top down, the wind is blowing through your ha…


itchy2005 says:

@hasahisa2006 congrats for nothing…. earn it…

guitarclaydo says:

were fucking american. We say ZEE not ZED, Its how we were taught, get the
fuck over it or get out of our country

youmils03 says:

Respect the different pronounciations of different countries and cultures.
Zee 4 and Zed 4.. both are fine everyone knows what both of those mean.

youmils03 says:

Yea. I’ve seen other videos as well, and I don’t know if they’re trying to
be funny or if they’re just not paying attention, though I think KBB needs
to spend a little more time creating their videos.

vladimier9000 says:

Did anybody else notice the “SLK” in the end showed the photo of a CLK? lol

lilazn944u says:

someone is poor

Charles Tam says:

lets wait for an m roadster

film_me_im_famous says:

@EliteSlayer542 damn right its ZEE

Slacking02 says:

wish they reviewd the Z4M coupe’

wballe88 says:

There are many problems with the Z4 that car reviews never cover because
they don’t test it for long enough. The seats wear out REALLY easily. Also
the plastics in the engine area almost melt at highway speed – you can
smell it.

HÃ¥kon Larssen says:

@youmils03 only 30000$ ? wow cheap here in norway they cost like 176000$ or
more for a decent one

Chris Harris says:

Soooooo much prettier than the second generation.

WyldeSatriani says:

@agent47racing Your retarded, you mean “ZEE” was adopted by you dumbass
Americans. English originated in Europe, so if its pronounced ZED in Europe
then that is the original pronunciation, ZEE was adopted by you retard
Americans, just like “color” instead of the proper “colour”

youmils03 says:

Audi is most definitely the best luxury car brand AND the overall best car
brand. But Lexus is a luxury brand. Each of their cars stand at over
$30,000 and have a long list of standard and optional amenities as well as
amazing ride quality.

ishraak2314 says:

my parents are getting me the z4 as my first car. i honestly cannot wait!
this car , truns me ON!

youmils03 says:

I agree with the second part of your comment. Some people will hate the
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (me, for example); others will LOVE the car. Some
people will hate the Audi A8 W12 (you, for example); others will LOVE the
A8 W12 (me, for example). Yes, people’s definitions of “a good car” vary

agent47racing says:

@DjJayOfficial- It says Z4 on the back, not Z-E-D 4….. ; ) “ZED” is
adopted by Europeans and Canadians as slang.

ctchrisf says:

the 370 million people in america say zee. I’m sure 80% of the zee 4′s are
sold in america. deal with it.

BIGFELLA123 says:

STOP FUCKING SAYING ZEE 4…… its zed 4 you cunt

Chris Harris says:

@Hoffenheim08 but its made in America.

ZSilhoette says:

how cud u say he didnt like the audi A8? he did say the new TT is nice. but
hell yeah the new TT is nice and A6 is kinda affordable. but theres an
A8?!!?!?! i never know that. wats the specs and price?

agent47racing says:

@WyldeSatriani- Take a look at the letter Z. If you look closely with an
open mind you will see that it is only a Z (sounds like -ZEE-) There is no
E or D at the end of Z. If you look at the rest of the letters in the
alphabet you will find that there are no other letters that are pronounced
with an “ED” at the end. “ZED” is clearly regional slang and not recognized
by people in the US.

ZSilhoette says:

this is the second time i hear ppl say coupe beats a convertible. woudnt a
convertible be faster?

eskercurve says:

I got my 2003 used Z4 in 2006 and I agree with this review mostly. The
biggest complaint I have is that if you have the automatic soft top, the
motor and wire arrangement is not equipped to handle the invariable junk
and rubbish that slip in between the rubber seals. I had to replace the
convertible top … $850! So go for the manual top. That’s a minor quibble
though … it is pure joy to drive on road trips, though the hard
suspension will wear you out.

chris smith says:

you can’t do the bangle, without the angle..

americandanny says:

Just got mine with a manual transmission and it is a blast to drive!

ALBGunner04 says:

@Hoffenheim08 Yeah, we say Moskva here in Canada. Obviously I’m joking, but
you’re comparing Russian and English here. I’m comparing British English
and American English which are dialects of the same language. that last
sentence was a joke if you say my ” :P “. The previous ones weren’t.

youmils03 says:

The new 750i has more standard features, more power, etc. But I still think
the A8 is the better car.. they’re just completely different. One goes for
pure performance – handling and ride quality, and the other goes for more
common amenities like standard features, power, acceleration time, etc.
They’re both magnificent. I own an Audi A4 which I absolutely adore. It’s
$33,000, so not real inexpensive, but fairly reasonable.. it’s a great buy.
Lots of luxury, performance, etc. little car.

tamer fayad says:

@DjJayOfficial hell no it s zed not zeeeeeeeeeee

thriller920 says:

well its an american website so its zee -_-

ALBGunner04 says:

@guitarclaydo This is the internet bud, I doubt they’re in your country.
You don’t need to be American to access YouTube. And it’s pronounced Zed 4.
I know you were taught like that, but you were taught wrong :P

Danu Patanu says:

super tare

beamerZ says:

No, its nose is too short; it lacks the looks of the Beemer imo. The new TT
is a nice car though, the old one was a Golf with an expensive coat; it’s a
question of taste; good we don’t drive all the same cars.

youmils03 says:

You honestly didn’t know there was an Audi A8? lol wow The 2010 A8 is
priced at $75,000, comparative to the $65,000 Lexus LS460, $91,000 Mercedes
S550, and $83,000 BMW 750i. It has loads of standard features, amazing ride
quality, 350hp V8, etc. A year ago, I thought the A8 was ultimately a so
much better car than the 750i just because the A8 was better priced and had
more luxury amenities, but the 750i is less focused on amenities and more
on driving and handling. Very different cars.

ahmadosama says:

Oh my god. How come Kelly Blue Book reviews end up making such little
mistakes in almost all of their videos? You’re right that it’s not a
SLK;it’s a CLK.

dalvvlad08 says:

i love this car :X

agent47racing says:

@DjJayOfficial- It says Z4 on the back, not Z-E-D 4….. ; ) “ZED” is
adopted by Euro and Canadians as slang.

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