BMW Z4 – Road Tests

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It looks like a badly ironed shirt, but is the Z4 actually a Boxster beater? Vicki topped up her tan in the Algarve whilst finding out.


gentleman279 says:

I have 2,2 and doesn’t cost me at all, i bought it year ago with 12,000km
now it has 30,000km and i’ve change 2 times oil, oil filter & air filter.
i’ve never loved a machine as much as i love this one. i had a alfa romeo
(145 1,7-155Q4-156 2.0) honda (civic 1,6 si-crx vti-prelude)bmw (3,20
coupe) kawasaki (zx9-zx12) bmw (1150 adventure-1200 adventure) but i’ve
never enjoyed with any of these as much as i am enjoying with z4.I am
trying to trade it on these days with 3.0 engine 2006 onwards.

ZeroSuitSniper says:

nice car!

TheJumper01 says:

does it cost a lot to maintain one?

Saieef Zaman says:

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