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ewtubewatcher says:

is there no power seats??, i expected power seats for a BMW you know

anythingyouwant29 says:

Not for tall people at all. Still looks like a girls car.

ankur tiwari says:

i love bmw car

Superdsheppard says:

M1 or Z4???????

somay pareek says:

I just love this car

Cory Williams says:

@anythingyouwant29 and @Alex Kim real men drive the car they desire and
don’t give a fuck what others think… you both are weak men.

hakman239 says:

you should do a video on the smart roadster convertible or coupe

mrbigtime81 says:

yeah you are right

mohammedschannel says:

i like this car.

AirwaveDriving says:

MAN, stop saying FUCK YOU, its gay

VVarrio says:

i like this car but the pricing is just way too much the z4sdrive 35i is
around 55k and you only get 300 hp? fuck that, the 35is is around 65k and
i’d just put in more and get a GTR

eskercurve says:

I used to own a 2003 Z4, and I have to say I like the new design. The old
one has a critical flaw – the electric motor top shorted out TWICE on me.
Why? Because if you get dirt or tree leaves behind the drop top, they clog
the water drainage holes, and that overflows to a soft encasing of the
motor which then ABSORBS the water and shorts the motor. At $800 a pop to
fix, it’s a terrible design, which is rectified by the hard top design.
That was my only complaint with the car.

Jett Chong says:

Man’s car !!!

jmd11185 says:

why would he

TopDawg6800 says:

if i was stuck with one of those to car for my first car id kill myself

riskinhos says:

tkx for not showing the most important thing. trunk space.

TopDawg6800 says:

no its easier to shift when stick on the right of you…unless your left

dekster14LP says:

Yes, don’t believe the “it will bite argument” it doesn’t. A kart is
trickier to drive than the average RWD road car. However, I would consider
an E93 being a better car, it drives almost just as well, is stiffer and
more spacious. You’re really cramped for space in a Z4. If you want
something that’s the ultimate in sharp handling (at this price range) get
an S2000 for less.

Filip Vidaković says:

I want one

zacktry says:

cool car man

ELAREH1 says:

Your on comfort ride dumb ass ..try the sporty ride then bitch about the

haarren says:

man when you retire make sure you put me in your shoe

Geprodis says:

The BMW is faster than the Mercedes. Faster car = more manly.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Opinion I guess. BMW’s don’t look that amazing nowadays.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Nope. I’m a lefty and it’s no problem shifting right handed(GF has a import
mustang). Just like it’s fine to use a right handed mouse.

Th3Bl00dyN1n3r says:

i wouldn’t – just think about it – a sport-roadster as a first car? imo you
should get a car with a lot less bhp, e.g. a 1 series 1.6i

brochestedbs says:

Don’t you need an HGV licence to drive one of those un-necessary lorries ?

stylesclash2 says:

I want a Z4 badly

nan wr says:

cdefghjkl´ñ{,lkmjnhiug awzgtg+n-l

daibadrumu says:

You did not have to shift gears 2 million years ago

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Meh, 5? No. X5 yeah. The 5 looks a little to droopy on the front IMHO. Nice
to drive during a long shift though, beats the 3 series by miles.

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

Rivals are more accomplished.

Huey Garing says:


Roger Rosato says:

I really think this “man’s” car talk is so imature. Seriously, if you need
a “man looking” car to feel more like a man, you should go talk about
sexuality with a therapist.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

It looks nothing like a fucking Beetle. They’re based on the same
powertain. The TT is a luxury sports car with AWD, the Beetle is a retro
ladies car with dismal performance.

fish fingers says:

the best cars for pulling are not ‘man’s’ cars, unless ‘pulling’ nasty
girls, in which case buy a G Wagon

TopDawg6800 says:

the audi tt is a over priced vw beetle

R4ss3 says:

You’re buying your first car. Learn to handle the power of a Civic or
Corolla, then get a roadster. The FMR(engine behind front axle, rear-wheel
drive) layout in the 2.0l i4 version shares a lot of the properties of a
genuine middle-engined car, so if you make one mistake it will bite you.

Gelo OnajiuQ says:

one of my dream cars :)))

Miasnick Minasyan says:

I have the 2010 Sdrive 30i and all i can say is that i love this car… it
is a great car and fast

Karlsson600 says:

Whatever you say. Fuсk you.

Makhdum Yousuf says:

Why is yours on the left?

Rafael Abraham says:

Hairdressers car lool

marcus111mc says:

I luv z4 much!!

CSzezerense says:

AHAHAHAH! You want to know the really funny thing? This BMW Z4 was actually
designed by two women, one’s called Juliane Blasi and the other’s called
Nadya Arnout! Look it up!

Alex Stapleton says:


AirwaveDriving says:

@Geprodis do you think a 13 yr old son and a mum would look good while
riding this car?:/

benjyblog says:

What a great host

velkom says:

I looked it up…Z4 designed by Anders Warming and Chris Bangle.

riahi montassar says:


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