BMW Z4 Roadster review – What Car?

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Read the What Car? BMW Z4 review The BMW Z4 looks amazing, and the cabin oozes class. It’s great to drive, with strong engines, capable …


R_10 says:

You can get one with a decent spec and 6 inline for around £25K from the
dealer. That’s one heck of a great deal. Getting one of these means all the
e90 practicality disappears but it’s so tempting

bigendbob says:

Mirrors don’t generate wind noise! Its the rubbish rf tyres. There is a bit
of draft in the cabin even with the windstop. If buying secondhand try to
get as many options as possible as most are extras. BM would probably sell
more if all the extras were standard. This is classic roadster. Long
bonnet, and low slung cabin. Funny how the merc seems like a copy!

cb1983wien says:

the slk is very nice as well but its not cheaper than the z4 and all the
aquivalent models are slower!

Namespolicy Isfornazis says:

Pick up a 2008 3.0si for a song (around $26K) and you’ll have a Z4 with
generous trunk space and faster than all but the current top of the line.

Parausanu Alex says:

Fuck the z4 :) get the 650i convertible :D Thats a car :D

itsdastuff says:

Ahem… Autobahn..

fish fingers says:

stupid review… “the good news is that the roof is electrically operated”
how the hell wd you operate this type of roof manually ??

ultravas says:

I live in England, dumbass.

John O says:

It’s not a Solstice, mate. lol.

cb1983wien says:

so which roadster would you choose for this kind of money? the price is
relatively high, but the performance (excluding the more expensive boxster)
and the quality are top in its class (no reliability issues on current
BMW’s and the interior is awesome)

ultravas says:

No, but Whatcar is a British company, I assure you that, so forgive me for
assuming that this British company would have a predominantly British
audience (p.s. It does). I may have distilled it down for the ignorance of
the previous commenter but yeah, it’s not JUST the badge. I’m not your
enemy here.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Average quality? I don’t think you’ve ever seen one before. I had a nose
inside one, and the quality is to BMW’s amazing spec.

mooddog07 says:

thats why you buy it used bro :)

jimmyhoffa9 says:

hp isn’t everything. Unless it’s a big heavy Camaro.

Danny says:

I would much rather drive the Z4 than the SL550 mainly because of the
better technology in this vehicle, and its base price is less than half of
that than the base SL550.

itsdastuff says:

I dont, so I get to push my Cayman to speeds well over 120mph on a regular
basis. Remember that youtube has a global audience and in any case strictly
speaking this ISNT a british forum per-se anyway. And for the record
“dumbass” isnt very British. Visitor perhaps..? Its not just the badge in
Deutschland I can assure you.

SirLoinOfsteak85 says:

I know exactly how you feel – I feel the same about my old Renault Megane
coupe (also my first car)…I don’t care that it isn’t the greatest car on
the road; it’s mine, and I bought it with money I earned.

John O says:

Not a bad car. :)

cityofdreams95 says:

you sound like your bitter because YOU dont have enough money for it . and
Ferrari 458 italia is a whole different kind of car . and if your buying it
for the badge then your a poser . i actually like to get performance out of
the cars i drive. way to feel big on youtube pal P.S dont respond i
honestly dont give a shit im not gonna argue over the internet

Sky4Skylines says:

My car is an old toyota corolla, its not even a sports car but its my 1st
car bought by hard work. and every day i get into it, it really make’s me
feel special.^^

Halil ŞAHİNER says:

On 35is the 7 speed DCT transmission is standart and on 35i it is optional.
On the rest of the Z4 line up, the 6 speed is standart and 8 speed
transmission is optional. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Jefferson Steelflex says:

thats adorable

spiroath says:

What car?? What a car!!!!

beargum says:


unanutriainfame says:

all the z4 apart the 35is came with 6 speed manual

itsdastuff says:

LOL.. Oddly enough this is NOT an edition of What Car.. AND Having a
predominantly British audience doesnt mean that everyone is British. In any
case your assumption was I was UK bound / resident. — I’ll leave it at

rscosworthfan says:

i like this car i just wish them front kidney grilles were a tad smaller

Olivia Guran says:

are you serious DMVchillen I would roll up to my mates place in one of
theses than a peice of fuckin jap crap, get a hold the japs make cheap cars
to look good Europe make cars that are a statement….CHEAP FUCKIN
CRAP…370z my fuckin arse mate…!You must have ferrals as friends

marktrev19 says:

All engine’s have six cylinders? Even the 20i and 23i four cylinder ones.
The must keep the spares in the boot. Such an awesome car though. I think
of the Etype when I see it

Claude Speed says:

A 6-gearbox? I thought it was a 7-gearbox .

ultravas says:

In that case, then everyone driving a Ferrari 458 Italia should stop with
their lunacy and all purchase Nissan GT-Rs right? Wrong. Because no one
care’s if it’s a second faster to 60mph or can achieve over 200mph, you’ll
probably never push it past 120 anyway. It’s the badge.

cb1983wien says:

in europe the nissan costs €41 and the z4 €49 which is not that huge of a
difference especially if you also consider that the bmw will hold its value
better. and the nissan’s interior is very cheap looking plus personally i
really dont like the looks of the 370z.

ForceUnleashed83 says:

I wish there was a coupe model as I refuse to buy a convertible and am even
probably going to go for a Peugeot instead or just a different model bmw lol

ultravas says:

Code for: You don’t have enough money for it.

unanutriainfame says:

standard manual gearbox when in the video you can clearly see the auto one

unanutriainfame says: don’t say that in the car you are reviewing you have the manual one
but maybe someone watching this can think that that’s the manual one XD

mammothborderDC says:

and the quality and heritage.

Slacking02 says:

BMW should have made a true ///M version with the out going V8

dada8888888 says:

That’s kind of altitude we all need these days. American people are being
brain washed by the commercial so much. Driving a bmw is “cool”? really? I
don’t think so. I have seen many young kids driving BMW (by their parents,
of course) end up failure. Stop telling our people what is being “cool”.
Start telling us what is being real successful.

lIIllllIlllIIIIlllll says:

you should work harder, or get a new job.

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7alamontii says:

who gives a shit

xXSkyassassin says:

What year is this z4?

mikelskdenisseq says:

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