BMW Z4 Video Review

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Close video review of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is– filmed and tested in Northern Ontario.


Robert111 says:

Jesus Christ kid, Chevy is a piece of shit. You think the numbers Chevy
publishes mean anything? The Chevy is LIGHTER than the Carerra, claims to
have something like 140 more HP and about 100 more torque and yet gets its
ass kicked 0-60, 0-100 and in every other perfromance test. Why is it than
when tested independently, the Chevy is like over 1.5 seconds slower in
0-60 than claimed? Eh?

Domas Kaskevicius says:

@ljackso but it can be nice car for more than few months and not fall

RockyBalboa89x says:

@dpain0 ignore him man…bmw cars are only for real man…not for dumbass
like him who doesn’t ever undertsand nothing about cars ;)

nicknickk says:

in australia this costs approx $140,000 way too overpriced for what you’re
getting. Also reliability seems to be an issue as is cost of repairs. Why
so much for parts? Basically poor value for money. As for “real men”, i see
a lot of little princsses driving these, i wonder why?

kantana1022 says:

i dunno having money is kinda manly i only see old men driving these

Justin Pritchard says:

@ljackso its heavier than a corvette? thats wild. Only drove one once for
about 10 mins (corvette), it was very fast. The Z4 feels more than
adequately quick. I suspect pure speed isn’t the only reason people buy
them though..

ljackso says:

@domasdsfgh : If you are referring to the Corvette the answer is YES. MANY
corvettes are driven for YEARS by their owners and when repairs are needed
the parts are much less than for European cars.

mazinais31 says:

yeah .. comparing this and a corvette is like …wtf

Tony rainmaker says:

I just bought one..

ljackso says:

It weighs MORE than a Corvette and has 136 LESS HP. How exciting can it be?
It is a nice car but as for being fast…..not so much. Love the
retractable hardtop.

politirel2 says:

This would piss on a corvette, cheap plastic American crap!

ljackso says:

@mr2pritch : Yes the Z4 is 195 pounds heavier than the Corvette. The Z4 has
335 hp and the Corvette 436. I REALLY like the Z4 because of the hard top
and the interior. However; if I were buying just for speed I would go with
the Corvette. If I had the $ I would go for the Porsche 911 Turbo S. :-)

mohammed patel says:

its a babe magnet, i know, ive got one

dpain0 says:

@ljackso oh yeah since the z4 totally has a v8 engine and is made out of
some cheap ass plastic to reduce weight. Yeah you are a pure genius.
Dumbasses I swear…

blaziankhmer says:

@ljackso why are you comparing apples and oranges? you just made yourself
look like a fool. it’s a luxury roadster.

ljackso says:

@dpain0 : See my reply below. I stand by my statement. Put a Z4 and a
STANDARD Corvette side by side and run the quarter mile. The Corvette will
blow away the Z4. If you want to compare luxury and fit and finish that is
another argument.

Michal Gloc says:

Tough to take any opinions seriously from an adult guy with cap back to

Jordan McCabe says:

mmmm nice car

speed kolis says:

comparing US-cars with European cars is also funny. a z4 like that would
easily take a corvette on a swingy mountain road. US-cars are build simply
with less quality! a corvette looks good, sounds good, drag race- good. But
a big minus is the driving performance.. regards from germany ;)

RastaSpetsnaz57 says:

looks too much like a jag

changitoman says:

2:11 Let me just put my phone back here behind my seat real quick.

marley madcell says:

lol yeah the corvette body is made of carbon fibe…r

kantana1022 says:

I’m seeing a lot of jelly in the comments

Richard Guldin says:

Join up with the ZSCCA then. Check out the group on Facebook.

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