C63 AMG vs RS5

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Heathcote quarter mile “The Goat Track” Note: The MPH readings in the left lane are inaccurate and have been for months due to lack of effort by Heathcote Raceway.


John Yacoub says:

rs5 is a 4.2 L V8
C63 is a 6.2 L Twin turbo V8
Audi is the real winner, that’s engineering at its finest :)

Jorge Crespo says:


i hate the new youtube says:

The Audi has the fastest time..

Jerry Padilla says:

////AMG >||M3 

pedrorsalomao says:

Are these two bone stock? If yes, papa maybe getting a 2008 c63 soon…

david van says:

if you see carefully the mercedes moves a little bit forward on the second
why do people cheat?!?!?!?!

Marco AMG says:

/////AMG <3

Mark Lambert says:

Two titans! Great vid. Not a common match up. Thanks for posting! Was
extremely informative to see real world. Any idea if both were stock or if
the drivers were using LC? I assume they both were stock based on the #s.
Didnt seem like either of them were using LC either.

Kevin Hoang says:

I believe the C63 = 6.2L

Kevin Hoang says:

c63 = 6.2l just saying

Shi Gu says:

C63 two times performance are solid 12:54. Rs5 first time start failed.
Pretty informative video. Guess 12:50 would be expectable for both cars.

laverite1618 says:


ItzEpicHD says:

Audi <33

John Scheurichq says:

Wow really inconsistent, doesn’t the rs5 have launch control?

Steven Gonzales says:

Whoever thinks audis interiors r luxury compared to bmw and mercedes ur
fucking retarded it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that audis
interiors look exactly like VW interiors cheap silver plastic everywhere
and cheap looking leather

parabpbpbp says:

the amount of stupid comments is amazing. there both amazing cars in there
own way. ones an AWD high reving coupe. the other a 4 door 6.3 RWD. driven
both. both amazing

Steven Gonzales says:

Not to mention the only thing audi jas goj g for them is their quattro awd
system but who the fuck cares if u dont live in the arctic

Senninha1960 says:

“SO WHAT?” – Far East Movement, habib.

ellasOLE22 says:

not to mention its also a “common fact” that the r32 understeers but id be
damned i can only get the fucker to do it on a roundabout at stupid speeds.
Granted i do have Bilstein PSS9′s

AlmightyGTR says:

LOL! agreed. Keep Hp/litre ratio the same, RS5 with 6.3 litre will push
around 680hp. It will annihilate AMG.

vUnikkatil1996 says:

@HENZO2111 are u kidding? ///AMG won

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

The merc at the end makes 12.54s and the audi 12.16s. Clear win

Senninha1960 says:

If you enter a corner with too much pace in an RS5 they understeer, if you
get on the power before the apex and power out early they understeer which
is what I was saying, sure you can drive around this but what Im saying is
when at 10/10ths understeer is the only attitude which isn’t much fun.

ellasOLE22 says:

the RS5 won if you managed to watch the second race….

Alexxro91 says:

cant you see the table? the c63 amg won

Senninha1960 says:

@flamarchesina Not as sick as a white Golf R that some muzza owns! :D

suprac19 says:

I like audi as all the Arseholes drive them which leaves the good makes of
cars free for all us non Arseholes who enjoy cars that drive properly and
don’t understeer.

Senninha1960 says:

True that! ….. and I think they just might :D

其實 我是個導演 says:


Mark Lapalorcia says:

That benz has one of the nicest sounds to come out of a factory you fucking
idiot. Shows what you know about AMG

Amgbenz0 says:

It has nothing to do with a failed start, he just used launch control the
second time. And thats a non-PP C63, so i would be kinda depressed if i was
the driver of that RS5.

HadrienATF says:

Audi FTW

Junior4AMG says:

Perfect job tuning it to 525hp. That’s what the tranny is rated at FYI

Senninha1960 says:

If you say so then I do believe you, just seemed a bit low.. I havent that
much experience with quattro at the strip but I have seen Golf R’s with
modified launch control running 4500 – 5000 rpm launches achieving 1.8 60′.
There is always a lot of variables though like surface grip and temp, amb
temp, tire treasures, heat soak etc etc.

Amgbenz0 says:

No, whats embarrassing is that you dont know that the RS4 is the direct
competitor of the C63 and M3, not the RS5. And just because the SLS is a
couple months from being released doesnt mean that the bhp/L ratio is
changed any. Its still 105bhp/L. It has the worlds most powerful N/A V8, so
the simple fact that you tried to shit on Benz for its engines is pathetic
on your part, and it just made it even more obvious that your clueless
about cars. Stop pretending like you know something man.

iamidiotic says:

IIRC the S54 and S65 both had rod bearing issues and the S85 had VANOS
problems like you said. in comparison the M113 and M275 engines of recent
history have been pretty bulletproof.. i’ve only seen blown up examples of
the former when its boosted too far while on cast internals.. the M156
seems to be having premature wear cause of materials on either head gaskets
or camshafts not sure, and the M157 just got recalled for faulty spark
plugs but only time will tell

Jori Schroer says:

awd, more grip in corners

iamidiotic says:

name a single normally aspirated M-car that doesn’t consistently suffer
from total motor failures, the E39, E60/E63/64, E46 and E90 all have
documented numerous catastrophic failures along the years. The only similar
case AMG has had is with the M156 motor and that was because of defective
parts and NOT THE NATURE OF THE DESIGN. And then there’s the lack of
torque, wheres the torque in a N/A M-car? Its fucking 3/4′s up the rev
range! whereas its always linear and available in an AMG

ellasOLE22 says:

rightly so it is detuned. I never said it handles badly what I was
referring to was trying to drive it extremely quickly around corners. I
havnt driven it but im sure its a handful with all that torque. Would you
agree with me if i say its more of a thug as compared to the ballerina that
an m3 or rs5 is when it comes to cornering. Not particularly saying that
being a thug is bad some people like it but its not as poised i would say

ellasOLE22 says:

THE SLS BLACK isnt even out yet OMG. please dude stop….just stop this is

Senninha1960 says:

get the power down better thats for sure

ellasOLE22 says:

with PP its the same price but ur getting more of a car with the RS5. AWD
plus a better interior and frankly a nicer looking car too though that is
subject to opinion. And im sorry but if u need to tick a box that makes the
car better because the “stock” car dosnt even have an LSD then that is
pretty fail. AND yes SKN tuning has a package with ECU and Millltek exhaust
rated at 500hp

Amgbenz0 says:

And again, no one cares what aftermarket upgrades can do to the RS5, the
production C63 Black Series has 510 Hp, so the RS5 is beat even WITH
outside tuning, lmao. Thats a real fail. And if you want to talk about SKNs
package for the RS5, lets talk about Brabus’ package for the C63.. no point
in talking about aftermarket nonsense. Face it, every car mag has always
placed Audi behind Benz and Bimma. They’re always the ones in the
spotlight, and Audi is just kinda like the 3rd wheel.

Senninha1960 says:

I filmed it, I was there, both cars were stock. The RS5 however had center
muffler removed. You obviously have fuck all knowledge of C63′s. Ps: You
fucking twat.

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

I’d take the audi over the merc anyday, merc over bmw also.

Edvin Uhlan says:

……But you’d take the AMG?

ellasOLE22 says:

Waste money on Performance Package. Audi owner with same money as PP gets
Exhaust plus ECU and pushes 500Hp wins again :)

ellasOLE22 says:

LOL at people who think Audi’s still understeer………

Ram Bikkani says:

Thats what Audi did with their RS 7.

hillman42maroc says:

wath is the music please

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