Car Review: 2010 BMW Z4 vs. 2010 Audi TT-S

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WebRidesTV puts the 2010 Z4 against its German rival, the 2010 Audi TT-S. Which of these topless beauties come out on top? Check the video to find out. For a…


VerdantM says:

@gararmis TT-S is ugly? If you think so you are stupid idiot, which doesn’t
know about cars anything!

al3xband says:

@TheVasquez112 uncle car….most youngster prefer bmw…

jakelamotta67 says:

you moron, audi’s 0-60 times are fake: a 340 hp TT RS will never beat a 420
or 525 hp R8, neither for accel nor for speed.

Asra Adam says:

BMW Z4 gonna be mine ~

originaldelta says:

Someone here has a little bit of Bimmer envy?Eh

buttnut1080 says:

Currently, I definitely like Audi more than BMW but here, in this case,
it’s the other way around.

matt37075 says:

i take that back its the entire interior! the steering wheel, the console,
the radio area its all from the evox and 08-10 lancer series

Korkibene says:

German Power =) krasse Autos, mein Onkel arbeitet bei Audi

KAPOWER1 says:

And for those prices id rather buy a 370z IN MY OPNION, its the better car.

g12a12b64 says:

the short wheel base of the TTS makes it look goofy , in my humble opinion,
the TTS does not deserve all the praise we see here… I know I whoudn´t
look twice in this car´s direction… Z4 on the other hand is sexy and
powerfull and looks great inside… ( again my opinion)

jakelamotta67 says:

that’s normal, a tt is for ballless guys anyway

Carter B. says:

“…and neck-snapping looks put the audi ahead…” Yeah, right. The audi is
so short, fat, and bulbous looking it makes me want to snap the designer’s
neck, not my own. The BMW Z4 has cleaner more aggressive lines, an
exaggerated hood length to give it a more powerful look, and the most
aggressive BMW front facia ever. I have always found soft tops look girly
with the top up, so bonus points to BMW for the hardtop. Even the audi
interior follows the bulbous style, yuck. Winner = BMW.

donmakavelli786 says:

@landvieh7 well then get your friends to like my comment too ;)

raylene777 says:

The BMW is ugly but that TTS OMFG ORGASM ON WHEELS


audi power

anobxyo says:

i like the tt more! :)

NathanBakerMusic says:

Totally biased

JoshMacProductions says:

cant compare hard top with soft top, the soft top z4 is heaps fast

Mike P says:

I wonder how the newest Z4 stacks up against my 2007 Z4 M Coupe…

Amrit Saini says:

well i have a 09 tts and my friends dad has a 10 z4is, the bmw looks great
with the hardtop, but the tts just manuvers like no other. The audi also
pulls the bmw. But both cars are great. But if you’re going to spend about
53 k for an audi tts, go with a year old bmw m3, more bang for the buck

Nora Eckhardt says:

with the price i would get a 370z nismo and with the $5000.00 left over i
would get a massive turbo and get the most power so… yea !

Frank Lucas says:

the z4 has the same engine as the 135i, which is a good engine but its
kinda lame

SuperSimonDark says:

Going for the Z4 just for its Amazing looks!

Josh Alvarez says:

is it me but did the driver came so close to hitting the curb!!! 1:12

Sebastián Rodríguez says:

OMG!!!! almost!!! :-0

Billvis2 says:

zee 4 just sounds terrible. a zaid 4 sounds much better…

Cole Middleton says:

Even though the Audi isn’t that old it looks it. When compared to the BMW
the Audi looks kinda fat I don’t really know how to describe it and like I
said old.

bmwMZX135678 says:

The Audi has awsome headlights, great wheels, cool exhaust, and more, yet I
still look at it from far and it looks deranged, its way short and stuby,
and I cant help but not like the structure of it… It kinda looks like a
beetle thing….. but It has alot of cool things.

Geprodis says:

The Audi looks like a sportier VW Beetle – it’s ugly compared to the
beautiful Z4.

savvas Quattro says:

AUDI all the way !!!

graykin22 says:

Not sure why they presented it as if Audi answered BMW’s new Z4 with their
TTS. The Z4 is newer…and better. I shopped both and decided on the
Bimmer. The TTS is a good car but the price is seriously too much for only
a 4 cylinder and I wanted a more powerful engine.

vs641988 says:

i own a tt but i would chose tat z4 any day over the tt. i find the new tts
ledds very tacky. i love the bmws looks. just wanna put the top down n

jake says:

i just sold my camaro ss 4 a bmw z4 dude this cars r awsome but mines gray
with red interior

kagolko says:

they should have compared it with ttrs. but than again, rs is insanely

kalevra78 says:

audi did not respond u twat, they braught out the tts far earlier than the
bmw z4…they even got the ttrs before the z4….shit i could do the
comparison better, and he gets paid for it…

1MPALASS says:

i vote for the z4

DENYO22484 says:

@brndgn90 allright.than it’s the TT-RS which is the strongest TT
version.but that’s what I’m talking can’t compare this TT version
with the stock z4.its like to compare the the stock TT with a mtm or an abt
version.or a ruf with a stock 911!

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