Car Review: BMW Active Hybrid 7

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In this video takes a ride in the fastest hybrid car on the market, the 2011 BMW 7-series Active Hybrid.


Dean Long says:

I think you would go through a lot of starter motors.

Calvin Chan says:

check out canadianautoreview!! (dot com) for another BMW ACTIVEHYBRID 7
review in canadian specs!!! i thought the website is pretty good since its
is in chinese too for those of you that can read chinese!

Hisham Alrefai says:

She did a great job, fro those who complain, try to give a review like this.

JoeSidhu says:

I drive the car everyday. No way in hell it’s 3 seconds. It’s literally
under a second.

omarhaque7 says:

This lady doesn’t know anything about cars

Kim Chris says:

She’s supposed to step on the gas pedal that way, the electric motor will
kick in and after 2-3 secs, the gas motor kick in for extra power. Why
would you just sit there for the gas motor to kick in if it’s a hybrid?

bbanwait92 says:

Womens drivers giving a review on cars, might as well let a monkey fly a
plane lolz

EPRADOX73 says:

All in all, this sedan would be the sedan I would be driving in the
flagship sedan range of all makers. Panamera is too ugly and mainly carries
the badge, s550 has the stigma for people about to enter retirement homes,
The XJ uses poor flash programing for its ui and its rear end is a bit
awkward, the A8 has too much bling for a car of its status, the engine is
weak but efficient, but the interior tech is superior to the 7. But a
hybrid that can run sub 13s all day long? Sign me up.

DutchManticore says:

Quite a negative review tbh. The ’2 to 3 second’ waitingtime was virtually
non-existant in the Hybrid7 I drove.

Tampaslice says:

No mention of the vibration when accelerating from a stop? Design flaw that
has absolutely destroyed any chance of this car being a success. Car gets a
3.5 out of 10 score. BMW should be ashamed of themselves!

Ruel Lewis says:

Why didn’t they just use a v6 engine like Mercedes uses in it’s S400
hybrid, if they wanted to make it fuel efficient why did they give it a big
V8. In my opinion the Mercedes is better because it costs a lot less and
you get more value for money

Matt Brohman says:

Thanks so much grey review :) if u don’t like her review it’s
simple…don’t watch it

celtpilot says:

Who is this girl?

sebanab1 says:

2-3 seconds is exaggerated The delay is actually less than 1 second.

JoeSidhu says:

I own the ActiveHybrid and the braking and all that is bullshit. It drives
basically the exact same as a standard model. And IT DOES NOT take 2 to 3
seconds. The engine will restart in about a second and you’re off. The car
hits 0 to 60 around 4 and a half. It’s quick. It’s reliable. It’s
comfortable. And it’s quiet.

Gerard Dixon says:

she is full o crap, you are saving gas with this vehicle so the 2 to 3
second waiting time is nothing to me.

Warren Claborn says:

When you press the start button what happens? Does it start the car or does
it start the electric motor? Also which would you prefer, BMW 7 hybrid or
750li?? THANKS!

GreatDirector101 says:

Obviously, the 2-3 seconds are not true; but waiting at an intersection, it
may feel like it. Problem is, those reviewers drive the car for a couple of
hours and don’t get a feel for it. I own the car and know now how to keep
the engine running if I need a quick acceleration (it only drives on gas).
Talking about speed, the ActiveHybrid is currently the fasted 7-series and
that makes the car attractive. ..and that’s why the price is acceptable

EPRADOX73 says:

@g1981c not at all, ontop of having an extremely advanced hybrid system, it
comes with a lot of options standard that are options on the 750. such as
heads up display, leather padded dash/pillars with suede/alcantara
headliner, premium sound, and a few others im forgetting. The new 2012
hybrid 7s however are stripped out like the 750 and have limited options
because of the fact that they haven’t been selling well at the price point
you mentioned.

g1981c says:

you’re my favorite fat girl. don’t make the music so loud though. great
car, but i think the price premium over regular 750 is too much.

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