Car Tech – 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI

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agyvonne says:

Bought this audi a few months ago….extremely pleased; smooth ride,
beautiful features, fantastic sound system and absolutely love that it’s a
convertible. I was indecisive whether to purchase the A5 or the TT; feel I
made right choice

MrFrankieFiggz says:

great detail great work

supaahflyy says:

u americans have it so easy its unbelievable. Everywhere else in the world
most notably Australia we have to pay close to $100 000 for one of them.

Rami Alqasem says:

when i want to see a good car review! i always search for this guy!!

brunotata63 says:

Probably the best looking car all round available under $50K (the coupe,
that is)

Christopher Mercer says:

I don’t know much about Audi. Audi’s Look Super clean except for the back
lights. The Audi TT is a car I would definitely get. The Audi A5 2.0 TFSI
gets my rating of 7 out of 10 (B-).

suckafreeG says:

whats up with the top how come you never put it up boooo!

poY says:

not sure what hes talking about. You sure dont get all the spcs you follow

jvrdlc says:

Beautiful car.. The reviewer sucks like always But the ride is amazing

Jikel032 says:

He makes very good reviews indeed :-) ! He really knows his thing. Keep up
the great work !

skykingrin says:

wonder why car tech doesn’t do a review on 2010/2011 audi S5, S5 is so
awesome! I strongly suggest car tech to do that

eddox94 says:

my dream car

Narrowc ross says:

So many dam options on this thing

homeboyskilletfresh says:

Awesome review

atami210 says:

Just get the 3.2 V6.

James Tran says:

@lbryan250 It’s the best CVT in the business and with the way that engine
powerband is, you wouldn’t even notice it and compare to the Quattro with
tiptronic roll on performance is better since it’s always at optimum power
or torque.

yassine maarrach says:

Really good detail , i mean Really good detail . This Guy is Funny :D

Bryan Lo says:

CVT??? you freakin serious??

silver05M6 says:

This is a pretty positive review. Good job.

BMan100 says:

to me the A5 2.0T…is.. kinda like a more expensive Genesis Coupe 2.0T….

TopGear759 says:

We had a loaner A5 2.0T quattro and we had it for a week and got 34MPG.


superrrrrr audi 5 serien

tepeke88 says:

A5 is such a beautiful car!

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