CNET Car Tech: 2012 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro (Editors’ Choice)

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CNET’s Editor-At-Large, Brian Cooley takes you in a ride in the 2012 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro and check its very extensive and modern technology inside (Google M…


Helton Matos says:

I’m a Huge fan of all of your videos. You keep it real, thank you for the
honesty. Keep up the good work

Roberta Duvall says:

I have yet to hear Cooley criticizing Audi. He loves all of them 

wirsindheldenowns says:

Dumbass or lousy driver HAHAHAHAHAH 

sanos999 says:

Lol fovious. Diesels are generaly more fuel efficient than pettols.

waddappena says:

I got this as a loaner when I took my r8 in its damn good car fast on

Ronny I says:

Ugly UI – I don’t get it – iPad mini cost 329 ( 449 w/ 4g) – has apps /
voice (Siri) and great Nav ) yet these car guys keep charging 800 to 1K for
there shitty nav systems

tepeke88 says:

Brian should review the q5 and q7 to see how they also stack up against the

Steven Lebbing says:

My dad has a 2012 Audi A6 Prestige he loves it

khyoon14 says:

Just wondering why would anyone want to facebook or twitter in a car?
Unless you’re some teenager but this car definitely isn’t for the realm of
teeny boppers.

Jimmy Thomas says:


OGxDocTa says:

Hmm when shopping for a car, I will now ask myself if I am a dumbass or a
lousy driver lol

Azn Market says:

Hahaha “dumb ass”

Hubscharber says:

Well when you drive 1,200km between only two American states it’s nice to
have these things.

OddManOut44 says:

He has. Would you like me to upload the video?

Mike F says:

i actually love this man hahah

Addison Massei says:

LMAO!!! :)

dumguy321 says:

I think i’m a proub dumbass

heemoii says:

but now the thing is, if you by the s6 with some good options, you could by
a tesla model s preformence for about the same price, u know… difficult
choice, and im serious

alaportegif says:

its a tech review u retard not a test drive so dont talk shit about the us
and learn to read u ass

vandendriessched says:

Brian Cooley is the shit

Fovius says:

Whatever retarded technology there is I probably got it on my cell phone
which I carry with me in any 30-year old car I drive that burns less fuel
than these 2-ton environmentally friendly 3 liter smelly diesels they sell
these days.

ssisakl says:

amazing car!

Hans Son says:

hahahahaha am i a dumbass or lousy driver. lol :D

sanos999 says:


dunti21 says:

Yeh, Audi realised that having Twitter in your car is a ridiculous idea, so
they didn’t put it in.

BougieTheMan says:

Twitter integration? Really? In a car?

caliboyrob says:

wow he had nothing negative to say or complained for once i see he was
havin too much fun inside didnt even drive it

texasyank48 says:

Just found Car Tech, and glad I did. Brian is great, way more intelligent
and informative than other reviewers.

Jose Paredes says:

These are “cartech” reviews not car reviews, cnet is all about technology
not about the other aspects of driving.

Taxminia0311 says:

it a beatiful car now only if they would take regualr gas instead of
premium gas is would be an awsome & amazing carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Novel Sumin Lee says:

Hahah I’m a dumbass and the lousy driver at the same time..

CH3FxEXcELL3NcE says:

I’m not a lousy driver, i just have a lousy sense of direction so GPS for
me lol

lovUSAhj says:

silky smooth boxes>>>

pringlescan81 says:

5 people are either dumbasses or lousy drivers

salsaestonia says:

Ahem, it`s a tech review, not a car review

huskerfaninNJ says:


Addison Massei says:

Yes, he is!

khyoon14 says:

Am I a dumbass and need the B&O sound system; or am I a lousy driver that
needs navi..? hahahahahah

im1greatman says:

I personally think all cars should come standard with a quad core tablet in
the dash.

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