Comparative Road Test: Audi S3 vs Subaru WRX

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What is the definitive four-wheel driven sports sedan in the market? CAR Editor Steve Smith and journalist Kyle Kock compares the new Audi S3 Sedan with the …


Wallie Newen says:

what a poor review

LekaLEL says:

Feld skoene ftw!!!

david dykeman says:

I’ll take the Audi, however, it’s not out yet in Canada. 

Charlie Chang says:

I own a Audi and a Jetta both were turbo’s there garbage car’s breaks down
a lot and don’t last long, and too much recall. That WRX guy just sucks at
driving that’s all, the wrx shouldn’t of lost that much or should of beat
the S3 but not by much. Total fail on driving the WRX driver! Put that S3
against the STI, the STI will walk all over the S3.

Richard Joash Tan says:

But for me, it’s always the Subaru

edge160 says:

Two awesome vehicles. I would say the WRX is more fun to drive, but I
prefer the S3′s interior and exhaust note.

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