Compare it!: BMW 1 series – Volvo V40 | Drive it!

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Car manufacturers tout their products’ fuel efficiency. So we tested two low-consumption models — the BMW 116d in the Efficient Dynamics Edition and the Vol…


Paul Bentley says:

The Volvo is a much better looking car.The BMW is an ungly duckling but
lower & more a sports car than the Volvo which is more family hatch.I have
tried both so rather depends what you want,a low sporty hatch or a more
practical comfortable hatchback.(Personally I have gone for the Volvo V40
Cross Country,is much more comfortable place to be) 

mrstupid says:

I understand the BMW is 2 litres,the Volvo is 1.56 litres.My BMW 1 series
would get average 50mpg.The Volvo is my next car so it will be interesting.

jake Stevens says:

Its like a video from the 1970′s !

Dan M says:

DW this is a joke, shame on you! When you compare the fuel consumption, the
V40 is slightly accelerating or the speed is higher than on the bmw!

kenny toong says:

I owned 14 Volvos. They are safe cars but cannot be compared to Audi and
BMW. Volvo wants to be with the luxury section but it is outdated and
expensive. No comparison with Audi and BMW which are better built. The only
positive on a Volvo is safety.
You do not see many Volvos on the road in Canada or US.

Sanja Madtech says:

4 door vs 5 door bmw… It’s bad comparison…

TheJoeMB says:

That Volvo is very good looking and desirable. 

kenny toong says:

How come sales in the US are down. If they are at least $7,500.00 below the
prices of Audis and BMW perhaps people will buy it.

se2ast9an438 says:

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Isak Wincent says:

Volvo FTW!

Brunlera says:

harzan12 Ford good cars? My cousin had a Ford Mondeo that began to rust
after 2 years, TWO YEARS LOL! A Lada Niva woulden’t even do that and that
car is almost unchanged since the 80is. Now he drives a Volswagen.

fredintheshed1 says:

Arrhhh that frigging mono brow !!!!!!!!!!!

Nonbelieverification says:

Yes, have sat in ten’s of beemers. Having nothing against bmw but this V40
is simply the better car, by a mile. For a front wheel driven car it’s
dynamics are also excellent. To address your remark, recent European
studies show that the big german 3 have the biggest margion of error when
it comes to fuel economy cycles. So not that economical as often claimed.

fatih yıldız says:

I love you Volvo

tarık fidan says:

always Volvo

777Outrigger says:

Volvo sales in Europe are up in July 2013 over July 2012 by a whopping
16.8%. Europe is still in recession–the only reason Volvo sales are up in
a terrible economy is the V40. European V40 sales are red hot!

nayef serhan says:

they didint mention anything about the volvo eco drive…… volvo is the
best….stupid video

Maros Kozej says:

Volvo v40

branot89 says:

BMW is better if you are blind and can’t see it’s ugly face

AurelijusSverige says:


mr13377 says:

Good that the test used results at the pump, too many magazines just trust
the computers. NEVER trust the computers.

HowKingToElite says:

gas stations calibrate to show more than the real re-fuel. automakers
calibrate to show less than the real consumption. and there you have the
shitty results.

aodterjang says:


majnolajno44 says:

The 68.7km/h on a BMW is the average speed of the whole trip, the 153km/h
on Volvo is the current speed

domaspower says:

Volvo best

David Chen says:

i like volvo v40

Nonbelieverification says:

Like all german reviews it favours the german car. Not very original. I
will give the beemer a plus for it’s rwd dynamics, but other than
that…V40 all the way!

German Brusella says:

an unjust comparison

danndelion69 says:

That monobrow

QstyDude says:

The older 2008-2010 1 series were way better looking.

29reload says:

How could you compare a 3 door car with a 5 door car. Obviously the 3 dr
car would be a lighter car and so would burn less fuel. This was an unfair

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