Corvette ZR1 vs Audi R8 – Top Gear – BBC

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Jeremy heads out on to the Top Gear track for motoring’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup as America’s Corvette ZR1 takes on Europe’s Audi R8 V10. What will preva…


teamracing07 says:

The R8 is for girls. It has this weird girly look!

UncleMilton says:

Won our war against you boys pretty convincingly…….

Nukes Away says:

These Top Gear assholes should be taken off the air. They like to stir up

Nicholas Wigchert says:

I want to see Jeremy drive the 2013 zr1 with the stickier tires, and now i
wonder how much they’ll hate the new Z06.

carlosb1 says:

Corvette is a sports car, You British dont understand what a sports car is
do you? Cheap , power, lightweight, no mr nice gismos no nice seat belts,
that is a true sports car stop complaining!

Rob Lyons says:

They may be biased, but they are completely correct about GM/Chevy build
quality. And vettes are notorious for issues

david stanic says:

I’ve heard the build quality on this car is utter shit. After 40,000 km of
driving an owner had major oil leaks which could not be fixed by the
dealer. Had to be sent back to Audi to be flogged and then have the engine
replaced. Interior build quality is equals a 2014 Holden Commodore…

Dylan Ruppert says:

Sorry that our cars are built for Americans who drive from the left side of
the car

Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood says:

Vettes just dont belong in the u.k the roads are fucked plus you gotta have
nutz to drive a vette ! 

TheBaywolf1 says:

Jeremy can’t drive, and hates American cars. The ZR1 doesn’t handle well?
Here are the ‘Ring times. ZR1 – 7:19.63, Audi R8 V10 GT – 7:34.00. It
also set a track record at Laguna Seca at 1:33.70. The R8, 1:36.39.

Sim Lash says:

“Mad as a Mexican’s dog” Man, you Brits are funny

JL Cannone says:

I’m a Japanese fan and I have to say. Kentucky did right by the Vette with
the ZR1. Its much more fun than anything ive ever been in

MyAndy1000 says:

Makes me laugh when I think back to how many times in the 20th century,
America came to France and Britain’s aid against the German mass
murderers. Germany started two world wars and is responsible for almost a
100 million execution racist deaths.

Britain and France can potty mouth American engineering all they want but
German automobiles still have the slave blood of millions of innocents on
their products. America helped save the British and French, saved the
Germans from Soviet annihilation, spearheaded the rebuilding of Germany,
and kept them free from communism. All while fighting an equally harder
and longer war on the other side of the earth.

America is a melting pot and we aren’t any better or flawless than anyone
else, but we do have advantage of being a melting pot of a lot of smart and
democracy minded people. You American critics are so short sited and
gifted with such SHORT memories I just laugh. Your welcome for coming to
your aid and being your friends for almost a couple hundred of years.

Keep your German blood cars of racism and superior race attitude. Starting
two world wars is quite a track record regardless of who makes the better
car. Only pricks drive German autos to prove “something”. :))

FrostyCoug says:

C6 ZR1 @ WOT is probably my favorite exhaust sound of them all.

Chris Mahar says:

The price of an Audi V10 is around the price of a Lamb Gallardo at this
point. If you want your VW to have a V10 and willing to spend the price for
that car, then why NOT go for the Gallardo to begin with? R8 is just a
Gallardo with a different body design

Jorge Rodriguez says:

I Just Love that British Accent of Jeremy, always enjoy the Accent of the

Fred and Debra MacDonald says:

Can’t afford either one, but since I’m American, the Corvette has been my
dream car forever. And Corvettes are cheaper to buy and keep than any Audi.
I worked for Hertz for a while, and drove an Audi A-4. It took 10 minutes
just to figure out how to tune the radio, because some German engineer put
about a thousand buttons in the sound system, where ten would work just
fine. If you want a car with a Ferrari engine, buy the Ferrari!

rockzs74r says:

Jeremy didn’t hate the corvete, he likes it. Even in that video he prefer
the corvette rather than the r8. He put the c7 stingray as his car of the
year, and he says everyrhing with ford badge is classic masterpiece. Plus
he once own ford gt. Does it sounds like he hate every american cars. He
just hate the rubbish one

Andrew C says:

I love the head shake at 0:10 “V-10″

Aidan Bermingham says:

I don’t understand why Clarkson makes it seem like the R8 is faster around
the track then the ZR1. When the Stig tested these cars the ZR1 was over a
second faster, and both times were on a damp track.

1HeavyHitr says:

Is top gear the only one who haven’t put out 2014-15 Corvette video?

sisbrawny says:

The music in this segment is quite good. Anyone have *any* clue as to what
songs they used? I’m aware of the forum that lists the songs in TG
episodes, but the YouTube versions are different.

Senator Armstrong, restoring America to her former glory says:

Nurburgring lap times:
C6 ZR1-7:19.63
R8 V10-7:44.00

C6 ZR1-638 bhp
R8 V10-542 bhp

The Audi is a slow, overpriced piece of shit. Eurotrash just can’t accept
the fact that Murica now makes better sports car than them.


the r8 is a v10 and is smaller and weighs more
and the ZR1 has a V8 with more power and and is wider.. WAIT… a sports
car that has a V8 and is wide… who would think like this thats not even a
sports car thats just a car that cost less then 100,000 and goes faster
then a 150,000 R8 with a V10 and beats it in all the tests
i guess when you review a sports car is should cost over 150,000 so no one
can afford it and have to pay extra another 50,000 for other stuff and has
to have a V10 or bigger and has to be not fun to drive and all the bottons
dont work annnnd it has to wegh so much it cant beat a 80,000 ZR1 and has
to be made out of the same stuff lose all the test so that mean DONT GET A
thats not a real sports car its just waste of money for someone thats
wantts to have fun driving a car then to let the car drive you

James V says:

At least Jeremy is true about the craftsmanship…..

Anon Anonme says:

This guy is definitely an ass. I see him constantly throwing the “vett”
into the corners and a constant power over steering in the corners
resulting in what we see in this video.

WarpPal says:

Despite what this review protrays. Jeremy’s orginal review of the ZR1 was
actually a very good one. They even gave it the Top Gear car of the year
award. Even the Stig like it O.o

Siddharth Nautiyal says:

(Source: Nat Geo Megafactories: Supercars – Chevrolet Corvette ZR1)


The “sport mode on!” part are the best

Daniel Aponte Celestino says:

Inventero Coquette vs Obey 9F

mazin2892 says:

5:26….not as big a gap as you would expect despite the extra 120hp,
though i suppose the gap would be bigger in a longer race.
5:38……LOL seriously?!….is that the plastic used in coke bottles
7:16…. ^

93foxwcube says:

ZR1 is a beauty. 

Brian Kuhn says:

What is the price difference between the R8 and the ZR1? Why are these two
cars even being compared?

BaddaBigBoom says:

Here is my summing up of most of the comments below:
I know you are, but what am I?!

Anthony Malin says:

Notice how Jeremy never gives the price of the Corvette. He is comparing a
100,000 quid Audi to a 38,000 quid Corvette. I would take the plastic over
the carbon fiber. I Spain they had a 350,000 quid Ferrari tear itself
apart just by going through the sand. 

Jefferson Smith says:

That was hilarious! Well done.

Nukes Away says:

I came here to read the stupid comments on a Top Gear review. You’re all
stupid. This is why I think the internet should be regulated. Give your
real name and address and home phone number. Let the ass kicking begin.

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