Drag Race: Audi RS7 vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S

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CAR Magazine says:

Just for the sake of clarity, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S is only available
on the South African market in two-wheel drive configuration.

Mariyan Kostov says:

Actually Audi is ling about their power it has more power than claimed just
like the F40 for some reason, and 4WD no waaaay for the Merc

Jhonny Tuffister says:

WTF?!? RWD vs AWD? A Black guy who sounds Indian? What are you guys trying
to pull?

Amine Greenoi says:

guys are you stupid or what, we all know that the AWD is faster from 0 to
200kmh, we want to know if the awd of the audi RS7 can keep up with the RWD
mercedes in high speed 200kmh+

Charleston Silverman says:

The RS7 isn’t in the same segment as the E63 S, it’s in the same segment as
the CLS63 S , the CLS63 S (with 4matic) is a 3.2 second car, the RS7 is a
3.4 second car and the E63 S 4matic is a 3.4 second car. Comparing the 2wd
E63S with the RS7 makes no sense but needless to say the 4matic version of
the E63 S is neck and neck in the 0-60 department as the RS7.

Sherbertmelon says:

I’m neither a fan of Audi or Mercedes but you Mercedes boys crying because
you lost to an Audi for once. My old man owns an RS5 pushing 500bhp on a
remap and we’ve had an RS7 race us before. I’ll put it to you this way,
don’t mess with one, made the RS5 look like it was standing still :L

William RS says:

Audi is the best!!!!!

Ricky Hou says:

Lol that Audi is badass hahah 

fetullah ydz says:

HAHAHAHAH all the merc gay fanboys.

John Vu says:

Audi finally beat Mercedes?? I must be imagining things…

shawnbbawns says:

do a rolling start like the do on dragtime and you’ll see the difference.
benz and M6 will beat the rs7

Bill White says:

Audi should win some award for this 4.0 engine. Only 18″ long and the power
it generates is mind-blowing.

MikeDaFuckinMouse says:

I’m getting tired of all of these crazy head to heads. I mean each car is
built differently and are not direct competitors. Because of this I’m
looking at a few cars to purchase but they are no where near the same
“class” of car with each other. There really is no such thing as a direct
competitor except maybe the old pony wars between camaro and mustang.
Simply put, the RS& has an engine like a locomotive and grip that launches
you like a slingshot. No doubt. Supercar territory there. Everything else
it falls to the back of the pack. AMG has a beast of an engine, but even
AWD doesn’t quite match the brutality of the AUDI. But it too is a beast!
It performs better around corners and a better ride however. BMW with their
insane M division is the slowest off the line, but demolishes both once
momentum has been gained. And not even close. It also has the best
track/cornering of the bunch. So long story short, what do you want in your
car? Because all three offer a different experience. Its just cool they
have power like this.

O J says:

It would of been a better race if they used the 4 matic version that’s all
I have to say about Mercedes. Audi’s worst nightmare is that BMW is going
for lighter materials and using X drive on their M models, which they are
in the process of doing. Worlds best all wheel drive system when the Rs7
gets 60 mph in 3.2 which is astonishing for a 4000 pound car but the m5
gets 3.7 and the e63 gets 3.4 off by a few tenths not a big difference if
you look at it. The M5 is not even awd and gets 3.7 usually awd sheds a
second off 0 to 60 times so expect the next M5 if it’s light to be around
late 2 seconds.


These idiots don’t know how to drive a car. On the other hand the E63 amg
sline is way faster than the Audi rs7. The E63amg smokes ferraris and
McLarens. Why wouldn’t it smoke this pice of shit because it’s a staged
race.. Stop falsely advertising cars you retarded basterds.

anes tt says:

of course not
the 6.3 litre v8 585 bhp lose than lose by the rs7 560 bhp

yes yes the rs7 is faster is turbo end is not fast form the wagen sedan e63

the the are the car(e63 rs7 ) is constitute a tie

the e63 s model sedan complet 1/4 mph in 11.6 sec end the rs7 complett the
1/4 in 11.6 mph

Paul He says:

Is this shit ?

wheatus15 says:

This video is a bullshit and AMG S means 4matic. Audi isn’t faster. Look at
kw/kg and so on.

Lajak Culberson says:

they’re only making the amgs in rear wheel drive. they better config a
great all wheel package together, because I don’t care how many horses you
have, if you can’t grip the road, you’re losing time. QUATTRO is hell.
Loved my A6 sline

PHil S says:

Oh and of course it was whit the 4 Matic S by us, cause it have to be 4
weels vs 4 weels and then Audi ( sorry Audi – Fans ) is slower ;) from
0-100, from 0- 200 and up to 300 :D 


WOW, talk about an ass kicking. Audi is super quick. I think a overall
better looking car but a 1/4 mile race doesn’t define the totality of the
car. Seems it’s all about the 0-60 any more. The Merc needs a sportier
look, more aerodynamic like the CLS. The RS7 would be a close race with

TheVestep says:

Power is nothing without grip. Audi just is unstopable.

Marcel Almon says:

e63 is the best but use the 4 matic 

93remix says:

uhhhhhhhhhhh, this was nice but it shoulda been the CLS 63 AMG (4dr COUPE)
vs the RS7 (4dr COUPE)

PHil S says:

There is just one reason why the Mercedes is slower, its the driver…
Normaly the RS7 isn’t faster, we try it a lot times :D 

ankara stylo says:


Lano Fatah says:

assholes….you can get the 4matic version of the e63 and that will fuck
the rs7 up

POWER!! says:


0Tidgy0 says:

Listen to that wheel spin, Why not 4Matic? You could see the Mercedes
catching up quickly when they reach the line. In a mile drag, the Merc
would have passed Audi way back.

wompaper says:

The only bad thing about the RS7 is the freakin price…. Everything else
is just perfect. If I have to chose between Lambo and this RS7 guess who

Yousef Al-Assaf says:

Lol he didn’t even know how to launch the E63 fuckin scrub lolol
Plz nxt time bring someone who can actually drive fuckers
The E63 would easily melt down the RS7
Check out some real videos

Pablo Alemandi says:

Stupid nigga no launch control wowoowkw

Jiren Mudaly says:

Well done to Audi and all their fans, you just won against the wrong car.
Cls63 amg 4matic is the competitor. And its kind of funny how they didn’t
use launch control on the merc and how the race ended as soon as the e63
was closing in on the Audi. How do we know this was a quarter mile without
any time verifications… Besides the race seemed pretty short. Haha poor
Audi fans will be so sad when they end up in a real race not a YouTube race

יוסי איינאו says:

Fucking fake Mercedes has the most fast car in the fucking world

TheKkthxbai says:

wtf this guys compare the RS7 with the e63?thats a joke race

Europower says:

why they didn’t take E63 4matic? It will smash RS7

Brian Krakov says:

okay im a mercedes fan but the 4 wheel drive system in the audi is just way
too much for the real wheel drive e63 and the m6. 560hp in a 4 wheel drive
system amazing

felipe andres says:

Idiots e63 4matic for quattro System 

Ray Hsieh says:

That Merc is not 4 matic

ssubbzzerro1 says:

Audi RS6 vs Mercedes CLS63 AMG 4MATIC drag race
look at this vid merc fans even a audi RS6 beat your stupid cls 63 amg and
keeps pulling away rofl

Pabletix says:

4 Matic next time guys!

Jiren Mudaly says:

And I see people comparing the litres, like oh the merc has a bigger engine
and its still slower, shut up idiots, litres are irrelevant, do some
research, 1.3 litre turbo rotary will beat both these cars, so much for
litres… Stupids

michael mazzoni says:

From what ive seen and read, I would have to say that if the e63 was awd,
it would come down to drivers. 

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