Drag Race: BMW vs Mercedes Vs Audi (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 10 – BBC

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Jeremy, James and Richard take the new BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG and Audi RS4 down to Spain for a thorough testing. And a drag race. Clip taken from series 10…


grey71644 says:


TheJollyOldPear says:

Audi is outdated and boring, BMWs are cockish, MERC ALL THE WAY.

Igor Makarov says:

6 (mercedes and bmw) vs 4 audi? are u kidding me? where is rs6 with 6 liter

diecast model reviews says:

I would take the merc

Kieran Herridge says:

Does HQ mean HeadQuarters? It sure can’t mean high quality.

albboy96 says:

if you own a C63 you might as well buy a tire company

Matthew Moore says:

I’d Still rather have the BMW. Audi has a few cars that can rival it
though. Is it the fastest, the most comfortable, or the Most dependable?
Not really. But i used to Own a 2001 ///M3 I think the older ones like
the one i had are better then the new ones. But because i used to own one,
i will always have a soft spot for anything with an ///M on it. :) But
if i was shopping for a new car, i would have a really hard time making my
mind up. I would probably drive to back and forth between the Audi and BMW
dealership 500 times before making my mind up. LOL!!! 

FPSGHoST808 says:

Instead of a drag race, do cornering.
Watch the BMW slide out, the Merc crash, and the Audi laugh and keep going.

MWM Channel says:

why do they keep showing old ones show new ones for once 

Franky Leandri says:

RS4 for the bad weather, C63 for daily driver and M3 for the track

savvas Quattro says:

AUDI RS4 all the way

IntoTheAbyss01 says:

bmw m3 and that Mercedes kitty sounds are soo poor …. while the RS4
produce such an amazing deep sound …. AUDI FTW 05:13

Toby Street says:

I love how everyone’s like ‘Audi kills Merc and BMW bitches’, or ‘Merc is
da best’… Lets be honest, none of you have any of them, and you’re about
14 years old. Go back to bed

Samantha Fielder says:

Their BMW is there best they end

Europe #1 America Sucks says:

Sorry but Audi is ugly generic looking piece of shit and isn’t on the same
level as a BMW or Mercedes Benz

DenkuzI I says:

if audi had 6.3 engine it would just wipe the floor out with these two AUDI
IS THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tor Anders Snipstad says:

more fun to race with a
Koenigsegg CCR CCXR against them with 1018 Hp :)

BlacksterFX says:

You should have compared it to the RS5…

Ţâşti Ţâştaru says:


Steven Stakos says:

Thanks clarkson u amitted merk coped bmw I system. Plus c63 isn’t a
racetrack car. 

Сергей Владимирович says:

The best or nothing.

Marwen . Karadayı says:

it’s completely animal ! Love Ya BENZ <3

Tron. B says:

Wich is better :

BMW 320d (E46) or Merc C220 ?

StandoffSiren02 says:

///////AMG all the way.

Isaac Lim says:

2014 and not even 720p ? LOL

Jerome Spiteri says:

those cars looked quite slow by the end somehow…

Steven Rushbrook says:

for all you num nuts, this was done back in 2009 so there was no RS5, and
at the time these were the most modern cars.


That mercedez is so dam sexy

DenisKaste9999 says:

/////AMG Power the Mercedes murdered these little Toycars :’D

Myka Villanueva says:

I love how they always act like kids comparing their toys.

surfingjc says:

Why do I prefer these to the new ones.

efe sunuç says:

i think this is allie fighting
cause all of these car from sme country

swapsaraf3 says:

Mercedes AMG have clear motive to be the best in class. With the new class
around the corner I wonder how will the next one be.

B SaleandTrade says:

M Class is always a nice choice

Jack Suh says:

Id take the original german car. Mercedes Benz 

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