DRIVE Audi A4 3.2 quattro

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Audi spent a billion dollars to engineer the new A4. Can it take on BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Infiniti G37, Lexus IS, Acura TL and Cadillac CTS?


IrishChris1979 says:

Just under 7 seconds to 60? It took only 5.7 seconds in Car & Driver with
an automatic, so the numbers can’t be that far off. It ran 14.3 @100 mph as

Marius Kalimist says:


srodevil2 says:

100 times better review than a motortrend review!

TheCompyshop says:

Yea I was going to say, 265hp should have moved the car a lot better than 7
seconds. 5.7 sounds about right

nabizzle123 says:

@SaMaster14 only the 4 cylinder 2.0t has a turbo. the 3.2 is a v6 without a
turbo. Compared to G37 and 335i speed wise, it doesn’t really compare. The
2.0t is faster than the 3.2 bc it has more torque. Both G37 and 335i have
0-60 times in the low 5′s while both engine options for audi do 0-60 in the
mid 6′s

TroyRx says:

lmao @ 2:45 i love how he brags about the braking as if he stopped from
going 90mph

GoodyearBandit says:

badge** :S

carflo93 says:

@calvinblinkee Its 3 series.

J LaRue says:

this car is a joke, way overpriced, dangerously underpowered, really slow
and really boring……Audi still thinks you have pay a huge premium for HP

Rossoner Milan says:

how much cost this audi new ???

Christian Orengo says:

what is the best 2.0t or the 3.2???

calvinblinkee says:

@carflo93 I was mocking the tv host’s way of pronouncing it.

livininpoland says:

how tall is this guy? i am 1m83 can i fit in the back?

TheCompyshop says:

No, the S4 looks different slightly. Has bigger wheels, has a 3 spoke, not
a 4 spoke steering wheel. The Automatic has flappypaddle gearbox, and somes
with either a 3.0L V6 (supercharged making over 330hp) or a 4.2L V8

James May says:

1 person drives a nissan

srodevil2 says:

@Will6719 looks more like budget issues, toilet papers are cheaper than
golf clubs.. :)

shwndh says:

@derbigpr500 Have to disagree with you there. The Caddy’s interior is not
as good as Audi’s but the CTS is very comparable and the interior, ride,
build quality, and comfort is very good. The new A4′s interior is a bit
cheaper than previous models also. I’ve owned two Audi’s and a VW and I’ll
tell you, I’ve been in both the B8 A4 and the new CTS, and I’d seriously
consider buying a CTS.

SaMaster14 says:

@nabizzle123 If the 2.0T is faster, why is the 3.2 the more expensive
model? I have a 2009 Infiniti G37S right now which I love! A friend of mine
has the Audi A4 3.2… and my G is definitely faster, but the Audi is
definitely more pleasing to the eye haha. Thanks for the info ;)

Dan Patrick says:

The four linked rings don’t represent four companies that came together to
form Audi. They represent the four companies that came together to form the
Auto Union, a gran prix racing team of the early 1900s. The four companies
that came together were Audi, DKW, Horch, & Wanderer. Painted on the front
of cars like the Auto Union D-Type, you’ll find the four linked ring emblem.

calvinblinkee says:

BMW Tree series?

Fofus says:

And if you leave the key right there, it falls.

panoulhs007007 says:

@arafa3arafa Its a 3.2 not a 2.0 turbo

Justinw580i says:

@SaMaster14 the audi s4 competes with the 335i .. the new 335i is a 3.0
with 1 turbo now .. but produces the same as the twin turbo and the s4 is
3.0T its a 3.0 supercharged engine and performes better then a 335i

IrishChris1979 says:

Nice review though guys. The ’09 A4 3.2 Quattro is one really nice car.

StStark says:

@DriveCarReviews 1.75 meters actually… 1.79 is 5′ 11″ ;)

Will6719 says:

You chose to demonstrate trunk size with…. toilet paper? I guess they
think Audi drivers eat a lot of taco bell or something. Seems like they
could make the point with golf clubs, a stroller, or at least bottled water.

Mark Ch says:

fail at 1:47

Persian Pride says:

i wish they still offered 3.2

DriveCarReviews says:

@arafa3arafa It used to be available with the 3.2 but now it only comes
with the turbo engine. I have reviewed both cars.

xxCpxxDr0n3 says:

bright red outside and beige inside… americans…

derbigpr500 says:

Thats what people think until they sit in a proper car. Then they realize
thats there’s really no such thing as an american luxury car. Only an
average car with loads of fake plastic chrome and wood on it, and built
quality so bad every single piece of interior squeaks when you press it
with a finger.

DriveCarReviews says:

I’m 5 foot 9 inches or 1.79 meters tall.

ricepaddy69 says:

I think you are thinking about the 1st generation CTS. GM has upped their
game in the interiors department with the current 2nd generation CTS. The
cheap materials are long gone. The real stuff is in. Numerous reviewers and
journalists have mentioned the vastly improved interior quality.

Billy Slone says:

@panoulhs007007 I think what he meant was, they only offer the new A4′s in
2.0T’s now. lol But, obviously, this one IS the old 3.2 package. lol

Billy Slone says:

@derbigpr500 You’re right. Cadillac isn’t even in the same ball park as
Audi. This A4 featured in the video (Really wish it had black leather
interior, would be just extra gorgeous) would put ANY CTS to shame.. I’ve
never seen a cadillac period that looks as nice as this. I’ve drove in the
A4, one that’s identical to this except it had black leather, and they
really are amazing cars. I never was an Audi fan myself until I experienced
the ’09 A4 first hand, and they’re simply amazing.

angelo0910 says:

2.0 tfsi !!! bether MPG and it goes very good…

Heavenscape says:

lol, he is putting a lot of toilet paper in the trunk, this reminded me of
Transporter III where phonebooks are carried all the way….. : )

adulby says:

this car is just beautiful.

thakur984 says:

@adulby yes

toyada100 says:

Tom is really amazing and makes the best podcasts on iTunes! I really want
to see the Lexus LS though. But otherwise great job Tom!

yyargghhh says:

1:47, you dropped your keys bro.

calvinblinkee says:

You guys chose the worst exterior colour and interior trim. lol

StStark says:

CTS still has a better interior and cooler look, but the quality of both
products is superb. :) Really can’t go wrong either way…

Liam McNeice says:

God I’m glad my dad bought this over the 3 series or C300

SaMaster14 says:

does this have a Turbo? Is there a 3.2T? how would this car fare speed wise
compared against Infiniti G37 sedan/coupe and BMW 335i sedan/coupe? its
definitely “prettier” with those LEDs though, haha

nabizzle123 says:

@SaMaster14 hahaha honestly speaking, I don’t see the reason why it’s more
expensive. Seems pretty pointless to opt for the 3.2 if you ask me Glad I
could help :)

SoulElitex says:

Isn’t that an Audi s4

AnythingAndy says:

5 foot 9 inches is 175cm not 179.

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