DRIVEN Audi Q5 Premium Plus

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Close Audi’s Q5 enters the highlly competitive luxury crossover market with style and performance. Why chose it over CUVs from Mercede…


amitdhawan2009 says:

hows the handling folks.. as compared to A6 Sedan or A5 Sportback

rsxzx6r says:

@MrJonnyrich007 true…but i’d still take the MDX over this…

Varun Parkash says:

EDIT : It is the 2010 model not the new

derekjlight says:

I’m trying to convince a friend to get one of these over an XC90.

explody1199 says:

Thats called America!

New-Car-Deals- AutoeBid says:

We have noticed a huge surge in people purchasing the Audi Q5 over all it’s
competition. So much so that UK dealers demand for the car has far
outstripped supply therefore delivery times are now an average shocking 5-6
months. You would think Audi would just make more of them…

rayamanelly says:

This is better than the evoque! faster zero to sixty and better back seat
leg room.

George says:

@MesanicMoney driving 40k in two years in not abuse in any sense of the

Liam McNeice says:

why would I care about poor people when I can buy a nice car lol?

C Yeo says:

Has reliability issues. A friend has a 2010 3.2 S line. Nothing but trouble
just one year old, clocked 40k miles. Water pump leaked & computer died 3
months later. Audi hesitated to fix it at first saying it is wear & tear.
On the computer issue they had to do a $1k service do that the dealer would
take care of the computer. Set aside funds once warranty is expired. Or get
rid of it.

swetomboy says:

you’re probably a socialist bastard move to siberia asshole

kakakarlyn says:

bought this, best. car. ever.. tip tronic is amazing

qtcarmen04 says:

@crabsign YES!! I picked it up last month. Sept 2. So it took about 4
months. I got a S-Line 3.2 Teak Brown Metallic =]

MrJonnyrich007 says:

Acuras are now ugly as hell. Unless you love transformer looking cars,
Acura is not even an option.

notsalg says:

lol i have 53k on my a5, 2 yrs too, lol

smamerica1 says:

my dads toyota has over 500,000 miles and almost everything works

qtcarmen04 says:

@commissionit Oh no, I hope they don’t take 5-6 months for mine. I ordered
my Q5 the beginning of May. They told me it was going to take 90 days for
them to build and ship.

tmac20031 says:

That key is bad@ss, no doubt.

crabsign says:

@qtcarmen04 – NICE!

Austin Yost says:

Love that color. I own a 06 S4 black. But I have to say that brown is
fantastic. I never thought I would be saying brown is an awesome color for
a car but sheez!!

crabsign says:

@qtcarmen04 – so have you rec’d your car yet?

Victor Wang says:

audi for the fucking win

MesanicMoney says:

@999TonyY If your “friend” (I think we all know you’re talking about
yourself) put 40,000 miles on a Q5 in two years, it’s no wonder the car is
falling apart. The standard is 12K-15K per year. So having doubled that in
half the time and.. I would imagine not keeping it very well maintained.
It’s pretty clear it isn’t the build of the car at fault. I’ve owned two
Audi’s, both did wonderfully, but only because I maintained them well and
didn’t abuse them.

lupinearsenal says:

3:22 UNSAFE.

crabsign says:

@qtcarmen04 – Glad to hear and i take it you are happy with your new

Adel Al Kooheji says:



It amazes how some people studied hard, get a decent paycheque, drive a
nice car while theres people who dont study and is incompetent of finding a
job while still complaining about how unfair life is.

Dante Gonxhja says:

I have to agree I own the S-line 3.0TDI and the torque is phenomenal the
car just flies. The B&O system is fantastic too.

Varun Parkash says:

I am getting the Q5 3.0 TDI 2nd hand for 67000 dollars (new is 1,18,000
dollars) in India. It has driven ONLY 3,000 miles. For an SUV is a it a
good buy? (Premium Plus)

Liam McNeice says:

Just got a 2.0T Premium Plus with Pano Sunroof and the B & O sound system,
this is the best car I’ve ever had.

crabsign says:

It’s a toss up between this Audo and the Volvo in the crossovers!

loolel says:

where you filmed this video

besteli1 says:

The people who are born into rich families still have to work for what they
have, many of the children are cut off after college. I’ve seen a
documentary and the grandaughter of one of the richest men in America
completely cut her off for speaking in the documentary. Also, she was a
cleaning lady for another family. Working for money. Losing a job is just a
bump in the road, you get over it unless you give up. There’s few excuses.
Life is fair, it’s whatever you make of it.

eurosonly says:

it amazes me how some people have tons of cash to spend on brand new cars
when theres people who dont have food in this world

Tan H says:

And there’s the people who study hard who loose their job, or cannot find
one, and the people who do absolutely nothing but be born into a rich
family or marry a rich spouse. Life isn’t always fair.

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