Driving Review 2013 BMW 7 Series – 750Li XDrive – In Depth Test Drive

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Autosavant.com’s Kevin Gordon reviews the 2013 BMW 750Li Individual Edition. Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the car and discusses if people should d…


mountainhobo says:

Nice review, but I wish you hadn’t done this split video. It’s weird to

Kobe B says:

I think he had some good points. Bmw needs to come up with something big,
they are pretty lame right now, there is nothing exciting in that camp
right now. When you really look at what Mercedes and Audi are bringing to
the market, all that old driving experience Bmw fans talk about is a no

Chanse Ormon says:


Neal Patel says:

so… are there any positives, honestly after watching this I was expecting
a part 2 of positives. 

Bravo Delta says:

cry baby 

Amjid Khan says:

I never usually comment but worst car review I’ve ever seen. You spent the
first 12 minutes nothing but complaining about minor stuff. Granted, you
need to be balanced but starting your review with a 10 minute moan was not
the best of starts.

If I was BMW, I wouldn’t give you another one to review. Ever. 

jbdadizzle says:

whoaaaaaa youre around me. i live in blue bell country club………..

EM111 says:

Guys, this is a 120 000 dollar car!!! That’s a lot of money. You can buy
two Porsches for that money and never give this car a thought.

Constructive criticism: space, back up camera, polarization issues, all
very important. I loved that he pointed these out, as no one else did!

If it was a 40k Huyndai, OK, there is space to grow. But this is suppose to
be the ultimate driver’s machine, not the ultimate passenger machine.

BMW is considered to be a benchmark! 

Goh Ying Ler says:

Maybe he is Jelous of this car :D LOL?

Don Juan says:

Why would anyone choose this over an S-Class

Anthony Reyes-Fournier says:

You are complaining about completely irrelevant things.

I wanna know about 2 things…
1. Luxury feel
2. Performance

Others stuff??? Shut the Fuck up 

zigga88 says:

lol, 393 BMW fanboys^^ I love BMW but the review is informativ och good. So
i dont get why people thumbs down. 

Adamjones2002 says:

Man u r concerned about many things that is not necessary !! If u want all
these “little things” then go and drive an s class and do not complaint !
BMW is about “sheer driving experience” !!!

Chilly Willy says:

What kind of horsepower does the V* have? I can drive a 6 cylinder version
in MS Flight Simulator, and that one has a 6 cyldender 315 HP engine.

serge vivier says:

Thanks for the negative review, I know that I wont buy this car.

Loveneverfails184 says:

You look so stupid with those glasses! It s not even sunny! Why do you need
them on? Just to look stupid! Americans… You even need sunglasses to go
to the toilet! Pathetic! Go to school!

StefanD67 says:

I think he had valid points, but hammered them home to hard. As an overall
package that is essentially 5 years old now, it still holds it’s own. The
Lexus is now just dated and really needs to bring a new LS out. The A8 is
to understated and similar to lesser Audis.
For the moment the S Class is the one to have

Doug MacRay says:

Besides all the other accurate criticism that came before mine- Take the
f***ing radar detector down! It’s distracting to the review and it’s
sending a message which runs counter to public safety. Put it back up once
your off camera. Totally unprofessional review. 

Yasen Ivanov says:

you are no savant that’s for sure. i think this is the lamest review i’ve
ever seen. i will not watch a review by you ever again. ever. 

Scott Clemente says:

You obviously have no idea what the entire concept of a BMW stands for. You
are the quintessential Lexus driver. Please don’t even test BMW’s anymore
with your blasphemous reviews.

fishfind3000 says:

don’t buy polarized sunglasses!

Wahyu Hidayat Supandi says:


Loveneverfails184 says:

You are a moron!

Sandeep S says:

For rear lift gate to open with your leg, you need to have the car
unlocked. Al least that’s how it works for me.

panagiotopoulosp says:

All in all the only problems are the back camera and the oil (if true)
everything else is not so negative in my opinion….can’t believe that a
Mercedes S (not AMG) drives sportier than a bmw 7 in any version

MithraKrohnos says:

Great review! One thing, you should use more takes about the car :).

MrInvicta8926 says:

You’re honest, everyone should be. Good job!

2605155 . says:

Screw all the haters. This review was awesome. I don’t need to hear talking
point facts that I’d see in the brochure in a BMW showroom. Why don’t the
auto headlight and auto windshield wiper settings stay put??? Show me
another presenter that found that out. For a $122G they need to fix those
problems. Problems you wouldn’t catch on even a long test drive. Potential
buyers need to know this stuff. Thank you so much for your uncommon

Steve McGill says:

I wonder if the Germans have worked out how to make a reliable car yet as
most older BMWs are abysmal…

John K. Lindgren says:


Jordan Gauger says:

I thought you were saying your dad was going to buy you a 7 Series. I live
in Texas so the cost of living is pretty low, so 33k is the cheapest way
you could get into a 3 Series, 30k for a 1 Series or X1.

Jerryre89 says:

I drive exact this model for a week and it was one of the funniest and
expensivst weeks of my life :D

Autosavant says:

All of our cars, unless otherwise noted, come from the manufacturers

MegaMaster456 says:

I buy a BMW to drive, NOT to sit in a car to touch shit and ooh + aah over
quality. BMW M cars are one of the best cars to drive, ever.

mamsoadd says:

I dont care about your opinion, the 7ser is an amazing car period

Tony Bland says:

I was thinking the exact same thing. He’s a cantankerous man.

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