E60 BMW M5 vs E39 BMW M5 Head to Head Review!

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Ryan Abdo says:

You’ve helped me convince my dad to buy an E60… 

xFreshKicks08 says:

Do you edit these videos? Excellent work!

Ty Hutson says:

Dare I say that I prefer the sound of your e39 over the e60. Probably
because of the changes you’ve done to your e39. And I prefer the styling of
your e39, it looks more aggressive. Needless to say both of these cars are
totally badass! 

nomnomguy680 says:

IMO the most insane engine was the BMW S70/2 for the McLaren f1

The Dutch Texan says:

Oh man, you started to loose it at 6:23 I see! Too bad we didn’t get to see
your recovery (obviously you did recover, otherwise this review would not
have been possible).

The big thing that gets me with the E60 is not the engine but the lack of a
manual gearbox. That alone made the E39 the last of the “real” M5′s. The
E60 sounds undeniably good though, and if offered I would review one as
well. 500hp? Sign me up! I reviewed a 2009 CTS-V, it would be fun to see
how it compares.

Thanks for sharing!

Connor M. says:

This guy is hilarious. He talks about acceleration and how it feels without
even being in M mode with the transmission is S6… Try driving around at
low speed in S6 or even S5 and please tell me about this “wave sensation”,
it only exists when you don’t know how to use the transmission and its
modes properly.

And “underwhelming acceleration”? Please go back to your S2ks if you’re
going to make such an accusation, this thing is a kick in the pants as soon
as you nail it in its most aggressive settings (P500S, S6). With launch
control it’ll do 0-60 in 4 seconds flat (if such things matter to you in a
car that wasn’t ever really designed to excel in that area anyways).

Also the slightly heavier statement, although true, isn’t really worth
mentioning as it weighs within 50 – <100 lbs of the E39 depending on spec.

Edit: It’s also faster than the “$100k” Gen 1 Gallardos he mentions too.

fratu2 says:

you are totally right +Vehicle Virgins , excellent video!

Tuddec says:

Now I’d love to see what you think of the F10. Keep in mind that with
competition package, it has 575 hp!

Vehicle Virgins says:
danielmartinchamorro says:

Just one thing: I LOVE YOIR CHANNEL and the way you reviews, in fact bmw

LocDawgd says:

Such a Thatdudeinblue intro

cybarbud says:

Did these ever come with a stick ?

Blood Sugar says:

BMW also built McLaren F1 engine.Its a V12 with 650 hp and its n/a.Thats
the craziest engine they ever built.

Martin Ly says:

Finally a comparison between these two iconic beasts. Cheers, m8. Thumbed

Klaus says:

When did they stop making the e60, like when did they ditch it for the f10
? 2009 or 2010

Bigtruck Bob says:

Finally E60 M5. Thank you!

adam yo says:

The best cars in one review, one of the best so far in my opinion. Great
job :)

Brandon Cawley says:

Wow amazing video man gotta say you sold me on this car, I was thinking of
picking up a used one for $28,000. However would you say this car would be
extremely expensive to maintain? I’ve read on the internet that many owners
have problems with the transmission breaking. Would you recommend this car
for someone who may not have too much money to put into maintaining this
car? Or have you only heard of reliability from this car?

John Lawry says:

How is it that these cars are so cheap around were you live. Here in the
midwest both the E39 and E60 cost the same around 36 grand (low millage 37k

Paakeri69 says:

Which one would you take if you were looking for a quiet and comfortable
ride, Mercedes CLS 2007 or BMW 5 e60 2007? I’m struggling between these
two, Mercedes looks much better for my eye but BMW might be lot more
reliable, both should be very quiet cars to drive.

Jacob Howard says:

my dad already has one its a 2006 that he bought back in 2008

MrStreetballer5 says:

E60 wins everytime. Can’t not like that v10 roar and agressive styling. 

Emilian Cailean says:

that awkward moment when global warming was a lie

RCStiggy says:

Supra vs R34 gt-r comparison video?

Ryan Abdo says:


kingofwake says:

E60 M5 has been my dream car for years… you did it justice in this
review. Well done.

brave warrior says:

Does Cadillac actually compete with BMW and if so which models are they on
BMW’s side and Cadillac’s side ? Is Cadillac an actual competitor to BMW
or is it Cadillac hype ? Please consider the build quality and over all
reliability for both . 

Mendy Friedman says:

I feel like the e60′s design wasn’t 100% done like the e39′s. I don’t know
if it’s just me but i feel like there could’ve been more exterior features.
Other than that though, it still looks, sounds and drives amazing.

Mircea B says:

Perfect presentation, you read my mind, I could almost gues exactly what
your next frase would be about the e60 in comparison with the e39, and I
totally agree. I could be subjective on this one because I own a e39 M5,
but most will agree with your presentation (best video so far). Great!!!
Keep it up.

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