e92 M3 vs RS4 vs C63 AMG part2

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Top gear tests m3 vs c63 amg vs rs4.


SmileyLegoGuy says:

I love being an M3 driver

Anish Ahuja says:

c63 bs beats both the m4 and m3 gts on track. end of discussion.

Tony Teichroeb says:

as and M3 fan I’m happy with the result, but I’d have no problem at all
with seeing friends in either the merc or Audi.

benzfen says:

And all this is completely irelevant!
the only relevant thing is that the Merc will blow you on the start and on
any publicc road – no matter how good is BMW there is no chance to pass you
An ot top of that the Jeremy’s words – you are most alive when something
trys to kill you – Merc is the most trilling – end of discussion!

TheBucketOfTruth says:

What a tease having the video cut out at that point.

QurttoRco says:

Just before Audis became cock mobile of choice I was thinking of buying one
and Bmw are not out of the woods yet so I still drive a 159

Allen Vrabac says:

“All that noise and it is the sound made by an idiot”

Neo Kgatla says:

That Stig can’t drive

Aaron Ramjattan says:

Best m3 ever

Nick G says:

bmw everytime

Emily Sayegh says:

M3 always!!! Nothing compares!

Maqsud Rezwan says:

C63 is just a waste of money for Mercedes and a a waste of petrol for the

Val Fotevski says:

Has to be said the E90 M3 is the best M3 ever made period

Tom Salmon says:

plot twist – lotus 72 is the best 4 door saloon

Connor Baxendale says:

M3 <3

Milinko Boskovic says:

this two finnaly saw the light and agreed that BMW is the best :D hahahahah

selim landoulsi says:

e92 M3 vs RS4 vs C63 AMG part2 : http://youtu.be/hhPW9wcizzA

Christopher Shane says:

On a winding road, such as the mountains I would take the M3, Its fast, and
handles great….but I bought the C63. The reason: watch 8:20. James talks
about how it looks and how cheesy it is. But the engine is the best of all
3. If you look at the stupid smile on his face, thats what the car feels
like. It sounds amazing, its responsive. In a straight line the Merc will
smoke the M3 and at the time this was made it would beat an M5 and M6 and
rival older 911 turbos. An M3 is about precision. Its perfection on the
road. The C63 is about pure passion. Loud noises mixed with this feeling of
“Holy Crap.” You go into a corner and coming out you kick the tail out.
When you enter an interstate and your in a rush, you want the C63 any day
of the week. It is just in your face amazing. Clarkson is right though,
your happy your alive when you get to your destination.

Djordje Pejic says:

Alfa is better than a m3 or audi rs but benz is benz

hollycrapitsjean123 says:

I want to buy the Mercedes, but I want to own the m3

Ruben Reis says:

“All absolutely brilliant” I guess that says it all doesn’t it?

rene grondzi says:

m3 better drive control suck it the C63 is a satans car 

Tharindu Perera says:

Which episode is this? and which series?

UmbraOfSilenti says:

OMG. That song at: 6:57? Where have I heard it before???? I am going crazy

CrazyMyBe says:

audi like, try this car when is snow, i will see who will laugh

Me ontenz says:

Sublime, civilized, INSANE!!! AMG hands down the best!

PTKilowatt says:

So the consensus is the best car would have the engine of the Mercedes, the
chassis refinement of the BMW, and the AWD system of the Audi…

Kill'em Gamer says:


RickyJnum1FAN says:

I dont want to say it but seriously Top Gear has been getting worse and
worse these past few seasons…not the same it used to be

Mosakoe_069 says:

C63 or me please but the m3 is also a great car

Xence says:

Anyone know the music playing in the background from around 7:30 on ?

kes says:

sweet cars

Moto Guzzi says:

No Top Gear test track lap times?

Sean says:

I love that v8 bellow of the M3. I think the f1 car was so much faster
because it doesn’t have all those amenities like air-con, a roof, doors,
… i’d love to be able to drive a lotus 72 around town, but i think it
would be hard to preheat the engine oil every time i want to go somewhere,
use a gun to fire up the engine, and not be able to carry my groceries :(

sorenslothe says:

I’ve always adored the Merc for it’s AMAZING engine. I’d go for the Merc.

ExTrEmeOc says:

what’s the song at 2:08?

mrLECHOO says:

insane /////AMG power, beast from Affalterbach …fuck audi

Nick Jackson says:

being a mercedes fan the C63 is my choice. but it’s all a matter of taste.
and i still don’t believe the AMG is perfect. the car has too much gourdy
tinsel on it to impress the americans and the car is made to look slightly
cheap as a result. but the stigma that goes with driving an M3 is just too
embarassing and the audi is in need of a successor to the RS4 shown here.

George Saddington says:

haha the cockometer

LLdarkman says:

“You see the thing is—” WHAT??

Brandon Luckain says:

“That’s gonna be inconvenient if you live like 40 miles from work”

187nydala says:


persiankid897 says:

that would be the fastest safest car ever

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