(ENG) 2014 BMW 3 Series Touring (F31 estate) – Test Drive and Review

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BMW 3 Series, an estate, and a diesel. Does it get any better? Follow me: marekdrives.kinja.com facebook.com/marekdrives @mwieruszewski plus.google.com/+Gara…


Marek Drives says:

#BMW #3Series Touring xDrive

Goldsnip says:

When do you test a Serie 1 ;)?

BillyfromConsett says:

I’ve just ordered a 330d touring rear wheel drive car and found the above
presentation excellent and funny.
Thank you sir.

XStoneX says:

I own exactly this car (BMW F31 330d xDrive Touring with M-Package) and ist
really great. I love everyday when I drive this car. With the optional
M-PPK (Performance Power Kit) it has enough power for every situation, Its
economic, I drive it really fast and I need 7.8 litres of diesel on 100km.
Every owner of an xDrive F30/F31 I recommend to change the original springs
to lowering springs. I prefer the AC-Schnitzer springs, the are really
great to drive. After changing the runflat tires to non-RFT I am really
tremendous happy with this car.

Andrej Gobec says:

I once drove a fully laden E39 530d and when the boost kicked in that thing
flew! This is truly all the car you need … But 70k€ for a 3-series?!?
That’s insane … I would be perfectly happy with a 320 ED model, but even
that is way over 40k€ with a few options …
There is something wrong here … these cars are made for very particular
economies where such pricing is acceptable. Unfortunately I don’t live in
one of them …

Ivan Bogdanic says:

my dream car!! thnx +Marek Drives 

mizenkah says:

Excellent as always! Keep up the good work

Gunzberg says:

Your reviews are excellent critiques. Always a pleasure to watch. Do keep
it up and ignore the whiners/haters/trolls that plague the comments.

Burn says:

Przetestuje pan bmw x6m mój tato właśnie pojechał po ten samochód do

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