(ENG) 2014 BMW X5 xDrive25d – Test Drive and Review

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BMW X5 with a two-litre diesel? It’s better than M50d. You may also be interested: BMW X3 xDrive35d http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW4_KNyuGz8 Jeep Grand Che…


Camo Mile says:

Good review and I have to say that your accent is perfect. Yours reviews
are a nice way to improve my english :D.

Charlles Pereira Costa says:

Onether very good review Marek. 

Clandistino says:

Like for the awesome review

Marek Drives says:

BMW X5 with a two-litre diesel? It’s better than M50d.

Pinmyboard says:

This is ugly now. The front end is unattractive. 

richa237 says:

Very good review! 

Ivan Bogdanic says:

Marek, awsome review again.

Kh Wong says:

I would like to ask…is this car offer 7 seater too ???

yılmaz erçelik says:

nice test with 50 km/h in a BMW x5 LOL

Daniel Barichello says:

cool bmw

marius george says:

did it felt underpowered?

James Jamson says:

…I was an oligarchy…

29reload says:

Best car journalist on YouTube. What car should take a leaf or two out of
this man’s book.

Sean Harding says:

Fantastic review, but the part with you almost falling out at 1:15 was
funny lol

Raghuvir kumar says:

I own a BMW x3 2.0 diesel 184 bhp one I live in Mumbai India so bigger here
is bad smaller is better because of the small lanes and lanes full of
bumper to bumper traffic I also own an x5 2012 edition 3.0 diesel very high
consumption especially in rush hour traffic on the way back from my office
its takes me at least and hour and a half to reach home and in that time my
x5 has consumed almost 5 to 6 litres of fuel compared to my x3 it way way
better thank u BMW for the x3 its a saviour in everyday use and in traffic 

Oscar Holmgren says:

I live that car, i think it looks very good!!

Robert Avadani says:

I think the first gen x5 looked good(and still does). This one is nothing
special design wise.
Nice review btw

Can Inelli says:

Great Review Marek thanks a lot. I have the first gen E53 3.0i . so this 4
cylinder version is faster than 6 cyl. 3.0i ? Impressive… 

SirWWW says:

Very nice review, thanks!

Lamy says:

the engine noise is not attractive either

SnowHarp says:

Thanks for the review – you make some good points. You asked for comments
about the styling… I think the rear of the X5 is more attractive than the
front. Somehow the front end styling is not as refined IMO – having said
that, it is still among the most desirable vehicles esthetically. I watched
your review because we are thinking of buying a two or three year old BMW
X5, possibly X3. I often wish reviewers would do a piece that compares two
or three SUVs in the same video. Discussing all the important features.
Watching individual videos still leaves questions in my mind because
different features get highlighted in each. 

Gediminas Simanskis says:

Nice review.Thanks!

Hilda Fuentes says:

Bmw’s are AWSOME and better than MERCEDEZ.

Wojtek Jakóbczyk says:

Oh, if only the Range Rover Sport never existed…

marius george says:

this is probably the single video about x5 25d but,if i search youtube
about this specific model ypur video does not show…at least not on first

Hilda Fuentes says:

Awsome BMW and awsome modes

Steve ldnuk says:

That falling out the car…so dumb so staged. People don’t get SUV’s
because they cant get in our out of a car. They would buy a normal car in
the first place. This is not a consideration at all. If it was such an
issue you probably would either need to grow up a bit or just don’t look at
SUV’s at all.

Володя Володин says:


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