(ENG) Audi A3 Saloon/Limousine 1.8 TFSI S tronic – Test Drive and Review

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Audi A3 has yet another body style. After hatchback, Sportback and convertible time has come for a sedan. Depending on the market this A3 is called Saloon or…


George Brad says:

any idea if we are going to get the 2.0 TFSI quattro with 220 hp in EU like
the US gets? i think there’s a pretty large gap between the 1.8 TFSI and
the S3.

Paul Hojda says:

I’d rather have an A-klasse hatchback. The Cla is ugly as shit and this A3
is designed for people over 50

xanderxenius says:

Marek your reviews are just so pro, I whis I could do something to boost
the amount of subscribers. There are so many car maniacs on the tube that
would enjoy your fabulous reviews… 

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

Very nice review mate! You got yourself a subscriber ;)

SUPERMAN51557 says:


Joshua George says:

i like your reviews – you got a subscriber!

EdikH87 says:

definetly A3! bough the A3 sedan 2.0 TDI s-line and its awsome. CLA’s
interieur is simply poor

Marek Drives says:

Fed up with #Sochi #Olympics2014 already? Check out Audi A3 Saloon


Hugo Lujan says:

i want that A3,,, for sure

Denis Rodrigues says:

The cla looks Great, but has a poor interior..
Ill go for audi anyday, and BMW everyday.

Thomas Schirmer says:

BOTH heart and mind tell me Audi A3

Vladimir Teleoaca says:

The A3 is better, after me, at least the interior wich is the standard in
this class. The CLA looks more dynamic on the outside, but the inside is
very poor, even compared to the new Golf. I`m not the kind of person who
drives a car with his head stuck out the side window…

cancercell1 says:


albanoDitLeParrain says:

CLA for me!

dralvarhanso says:

A3. Definitely.
I wonder if this is a peek of the new A4?

mizenkah says:

Love your reviews very informative & honest when will you review the new
skoda Octavia combi?

livinthedublife says:

A3 hands down

raito666x says:

that isn’t his real voice lol

Nurul Ahmed says:

My sister has the a3 so it’s not that bad for short drive to collage and
back everyday but in the uk the parking can be hard because nearly all the
paking is mostly taken up

bcpark91 says:

Driven both, and the CLA is so rough in shifting…there also seems to be a
lag when starting from a stop. Definitely like the A3 better!

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