(ENG) BMW 2 Series Active Tourer – Test Drive and Review

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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer F45 is the first minivan made by the Bavarians, and the first front wheel drive BMW. And to make things more interested, it is bas…


Marek Drives says:

+W65B61S Their claims are not false. It’s the official fuel efficiency test
that’s out of date, because it does not take into account contemporary
traffic conditions. Car manufacturers have to meet emission standards set
by the regulators, so they do everything they can to make the car pass the
fuel economy/emissions test. Under certain conditions the car will probably
deliver promised fuel economy, but it rarely has anything to do with
real-life driving situations.

dalius titovas says:

Do rear seats recline? How is the sound insulation going 80 km/h, 110 km/h?
I understood you indicating bmw advantages like advanced steering feel,
better cornering (less rolling) and premium feel in the cabin. How would
you compare Golf sportsvan vs 2 series active tourer in these categories:
1. Ride comfortable (less road surface feeling) in other words softer ride
(having in mind same tire height) 2. Road and wind noise doing 80 / 110 /
130 km/h in the cabin, water splashing under the tire – also showing the
car sound insulation quality.
Aside of this review. . . I am one of the fans of your channel, and want
to point out that most reviews on youtube miss the information I asked –
which would be good mentioning as you usually have already done reviews on
different models competing in the same class. I am sure you can measure
road noise level with simple equipment, and ride quality (this is more
difficult) – well you can use one of the cameras without shock absorbers in
different reviews and so we can see how it is shaking on different roads
and different speed or simply give some mark from 1 to 5 . . .
Another idea would be if you would take some footage of onboard computer
readings doing lets say 90 and 130 speed showing us the actual consumption
- which would be very objective talking about fuel consumption. Or taking
to another level – during the review of lets say BMW 2 series AT you could
indicate parallel let say Golf SV same speed consumption readings doing
same speed. I understand you should have similar weather conditions and use
almost same route for comparison details. I think this information is left
out in reviews, which is easy to get. Sometimes too much time is spent
showing storage and rear seat space (also important) but I think you could
take it to the next level. If I am watching youtube reviews looking for
help choosing my next car – these points are very important. I know there
are special comparison reviews, but there little of them. Taking 4-5
criterion and crossing them with competition models would be very
Good luck with your future reviews.

Vladimir Teleborg says:

do you have any plans to test Kia Ceed?

Ricardo Antunes says:

Hi Marek.
How do you find the 18d motor to move that chassis?Was it quick and agile
enough?Or sometimes you needed an extra power or torque?

DonWolfo says:

Where is the x4 review??? :/

Marek Drives says:

#BMW #2Series #ActiveTourer #BMW2SeriesActiveTourer

W65B61S says:

Wow, you telling this car delivers ~8l/100km? When do the car makers stop
making false fuel consumption these days..

Afifi Abdul Latiff says:

I kinda like the analogy at the end.

sp3c14l1st says:

nice revieuw Marek

Bulg Arian Man RU says:

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