Fastest Audi RS7 in the world — APR | Total Race

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Audi RS7 (Mk.1) APR | Total Race (750 BHP), Nikolay G. vs BMW M3 (E90) Filin Edition (820 HP), Sergey О. vs Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG (C218) Gorilla Racing (8…


George Kuznetsov says:

А Мерс был Моноприводный?

koschtineedssomefun says:

Just all wheel Drive against old cars.


RS7′s gearing, quattro and weight transfer is awesome for drag race. I’ll
bet all my money for RS7 winning a drag race in sportsedan category coz not
even the 731hp F12 ferrari can do a 10.5s 1/4mile….OMG!

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

Lol everybody praising Audi, but really it’s the crazy APR tune that gives
the RS7 the win

Charlie Kim says:


MrAzistar says:

на мэрсе не 820хп накрутили, да бред не может он так ехать при 820хп,
максимум 550

Lord Random says:

If that Audi had wings,im sure it would be taking off easy

Saskobest says:

Dont understand why u put bmw against audi on 1/4 and 1/2 miles drag races.
Audi cars have faster acceleration and nearly all of their models will beat
the Bmw.
At least put some longer distance race cause then u will see the Bmw
suprass the Audi.
And how can that rs7 beat the porsche? 

PorscheSweden says:

An Audi that is heavier, has less horsepower, is bigger and has about same
torque totally demolishes a BMW and the mercedes which had even more power,
and that Porsche 911 turbo PDK also got demolished! Audi for life <3

Nabs Zidane says:

Dear commenters please don’t be brainwashed by the marketing.

Bmw, Mercedes and audi are 3great brands but with different style.
Bmw is king of balance, drift, engine engineering.
Mercedes amg is much about confort, power, and musclecar sound (but
mercedes sell 90%of diesel).
Audi is the king about safety, design, awd, and putting logo everywhere
they can.

In this video the audi are flying up the bmw, the mercs, and the porsche.

But what would happen if the mercedes was tuned by brabus or the bmw by
hamman or the porsche by 9ff?

GetOwned1453 says:

audi has 4 wheel drive
it will be win all races

Milo Sheffts says:


Леонид Климанский says:

Единственный соперник этой машины, это E63 AMG. И то, тольо правильно
настроенный под 800 сил. Вот он должен объехать, и объезжает. Тут мерен
как-то не поехал. Если был бы выбор между 63 амг и RS7 то тут все понятно,
мерен комфортнее и даже дешевле.

Efremov Gregori says:

Вот Audi валит !!!!!!!

Musa Alsayegh says:

Audi wins because of AWD and short distance. Other than that it absolutely
has no chance, not at all. You can see although the M3 had a disadvantage
at the launch, it still had the higher top speed at the finish line. Bottom
line, if the M3 had AWD then the Audi would have been raped anally all day.
The Audi is still slow for AWD and 750hp lol

Joreus says:

Look at trap speeds. Great AWD system and a good driver propel this car to
win every time even though the other cars were catching up. Opponents were
older cars but rs7 still amazing machine.

UriNordschleife says:

Soon the S AMG models from Mercedes Benz with all wheel drive will win a
lot of races here. The best or nothing :-)

PireLLi says:

I just want to say hello who remix ?

IntoTheAbyss01 says:

ahaaahahahaha .. mk1 and it gets from 567 to 760 hp …. this car needs mk3
and that’s 1300 or 1600hp…..than it will be a real challenge and an more
crazy bitch ass car .. than this mk1 :DDD

ki flex says:

O.M.G that RS7 is a beast

Em BW says:

Mercedes CLS Traktor Lol

Pimcs says:

that`s a fast RS7!

Lennon Hetfield Mustaine says:

wow my respects for that audi!! great job dragtimes!!

kaMOTOzer says:

Больше видео с улиц и поменьше кантри, пожалуйста)

Kalashster says:


Feymi Ali says:

audi best!!!!

POWER!! says:


TheEryk03 says:

Hands down AUDI is the best. Fuck bmw/mercedes. 

Metush Zeqiri says:

Rs7 Dreamcar 

Дмитрий Чудайкин says:

Ауди ипёт!

Joe Hamizi says:

Huge power but less traction.. Sorry rwd cannot beat awd acceleration

Lucas Jáuregui says:

If the cls was BRABUS fucks the rs7 ,but I like a lot

Oussama CH says:

Will not have the opportunity in front of BMW M6 F12

er44300 says:

Audi …..

Дмитрий Д says:

Победа не нуждается в объяснениях, но вот поражение всегда имеет

MrLoose26 says:

dunno if possible but are ther onboard vids

kadir akın says:

varmı kralı gelsin audi

Константин Акманов says:

Fastest Audi RS7 in the world — APR | Total Race:

fireoil says:

my ass is faster than this gorilla’s mercedes

Raves Huskie says:

Someone didn’t know how to launch that CLS 63 proper :p

Dylan Mendonça says:

Ok then wheres the Nissan GTR? 

OfficialHoneZtAbe says:

This Midwestern cowboy music is throwing me off, this shits in Russia right?

Should have some cvpellv or gidragidra and yanix

AtomicaMixes says:

This was the most boring drag racing video i’ve ever watched. the elevator
music didn’t help

Hicham moussaid says:



Im a M bmw fan all the way, but damn audi just made the most gorgeous and
faster car ever (Y)

nstipet says:

This CLS have very bad ECU tunning! Who did that to your Merc??? :-)

max audi says:

Fight for 2nd place!

baalsebul says:

nice, but vs (Vidar Strand) motor got less the 9 s at a topspeed of 253km/h
(1/4mile) with his e34/M5 (1129hp) in 2005…

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