Fifth Gear – Audi R8 Review [HD] by Tiff Needell

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Tiff Needell from fifth gear gives us a thorough review of the all new Audi R8 as he tests it at the Las Vegas speedway. Audi R8 specs: http://en.wikipedia.o…


Alexander Fernandez says:

Wait why does the R8 have long license plates while it was driven in las

mamadoo1969 says:


Lvl22nerd says:

I’m sorry but Tiff really comes off as gay…does anyone else notice this?

Kevyn c says:

does anyone the background song from 2:20-3:10

Markus Häkli says:

yes audi owns lamborgini…

Dan P says:

So I heard Tiff can drive :))

Max Ladner says:

We’re not all like that, some of us are good!

theissefabian1 says:

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole /watch?v=bBb-J0hcBQA

FroopieLoopies1 says:

When the car first came out I though the white one with the carbon fiber
side blades was the best looking but after seeing this one I think it tops
the pack!

Erik Gustafson says:

There is a fastidious road test of the 5.2 R8 here: definitiveautoreview .

Lumixster G says:

AUDI doesnt own Lamborgini…VW does…VW Owns everything….now Porche too

dojOdRiFTeR says:

@Lumixster which is dumb because porsche and vw r fighting went in actually
porsche owned vw but vw sharholders bought it out

LamboSpyder99 says:

Fifth gear people seem nice and honest. But that makes them quite boring :)
Back to Top Gear!

Sk Stunna says:


Iwo says:

@BORATITSNIIICE Fuking american redneck

Trevor Philips says:

Fuking brit

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