Fifth Gear – Audi R8

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Tiff Needell tests the new Audi R8 in Las Vegas.


Doctor Ernie says:

actually people fail to realise that before the audi r8 there was the audi
le mans quattro concept in 2003 which was said to be able to reach up to
around 350km/h

dbem90 says:

song 2:14???????????

ivy Strauss says:

I’m buying audi r8 in 4 years. 4 years!!! That’s like forever, but I think
that my hard work will pay off and 4 years is worth the wait 

Ja Ti says:

It wasn’t fastest Audi ever,RS6 from the same year (2007)could reach 200+

ⓗⓐⓢⓢ. ⓣ™ says:

My uncle has got 2009 R8 V8 coupe. Its AWESOME!!!

Guruvote says:

No. Chances are your driving skills suck. It’s a shame you can’t put that
car to good use. :(

eimrApH says:

supermassive black hole – muse

N Modeqs says:

Tiff is such a great presenter. This is my favorite review of my favorite
car. Well done!

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

I need 23k thank you school.

justinok67 . says:

Watch this… Top Gear!

checkacola says:

Audi R8′s get women wet.

MyParkingBuddy says:

Like, a toy of Audi R8 from Toys R Us?

AlexTubed says:

Who needs one of these cars when you can own every sports car on Youtube? ;)

PhxBountyAirsoft says:


kum v says:

People only want to look at ONE THING.

Ahmed Butt says:

Whats the name of the track starting at 2:13 ?? Ive heared this before in a

Jake Moskowitz says:

my two favorite things :)

edgarthemangomez123 says:

My dream car. To bad I will never own one since I’m only 15. ):

Sol Flores says:

Yes it is!!!

Jam un says:


pshyaahh says:

the way he pronounced Las Vegas was horrible.

daradidam says:

epic muse soundtracks are epic

Dimitris Bakirtzidis says:

Dear Santa…

Sakthis Elvinz says:

Imma get it when I grow up. No matter how old it gets by the time I grow up

A Mendes says:

he said he had a porche in another video, now he’s saying that he doesn’t
have one but he’s saving for one. what don’t you get?

Dr.Krishna says:

Aston Martin…i jus love sayin its name…

Gobbersmack says:

What’s with the euro plates?

Vishal Gupta says:

The R8 has grown on me over time, is superbly built…

gurnoor singh says:

Whats the song being played when he compares it to Lamborghini and then
drives it

zRiddick says:

I want this car so badly… Too bad it’s like $115000

Impulze5 says:

Where the hell do you work?

John Le says:

this car is awesome

tragitty says:

I was driving that car last night! It was the best night ever…

Aitor Navarro de Gascón says:

I rather have the v10 version, 100 hp more plus ceramic breaks

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