Fifth Gear – Audi S5 V8 vs. BMW 335i (E92)

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Fifth Gear’s Vicki pits the Audi S5 V8 against the BMW 335i coupe in a power vs. handling shoot-out.


CODMW3CJ says:

The problem is there is a woman driving them. Can we get a person who
actually knows how to drive in here please. 

Arthur Czerniak says:

I am purchasing a 335i m pkg 6spd e92 today. I am sooo pumped

Igor Priladyshev says:

big respect to 335, but in winter and when it’s raining in the news its
only bmw and MB that crushes. Audi has 4 wheel drive. BMW is fun on a track
in a dry weather on a short distance, but when you are driving several
hours in a row and relax yourreaction, and suddenly is a corner and a
slippery asphalf – car turns around. I crushed both MB and BMW. Only them.
During 15 years of driving different cars, I had accidents only with a rear
driving cars. Because it’s difficult (impossible) to control drift when you
are tired as hell and asphakt has no grip

johnnyd83 says:

Be interesting to see the result if this S5 had the optional (and
phenomenal) active-diff.

BAROLO dog says:

Should have used an “i s”

Josh Hatton says:

@Cellsolid Yeah RS5 competes with M3

swatensen says:

its a fucking BMW … just listen at the engine when is over 6k rmp

Shawon says:

LOL, this makes no sense, BMW and Audi don’t keep their model numbers equal
like that. m3 sedan = rs4 / m3 coupe = rs5 / m5 = rs6 / m6 doesnt have a
direct competitor, i guess you can say rs6 or rs7

Denise Tapia says:

Awesome, your a great driver.although if you didnt let the rwd slide out so
much i think the 335i would have won by even more.very inspiring to see a
woman taking a track like that!

Bubble Root says:

bmw 335i <3 r6 3000cc 306hp.. i love it!! my best friend has Audi A5 1.8T
quattro… nice car.. but i prefer the bmw!! That’s why i am looking for a
316i e92 because i cant afford bigger one.. but i wish i had one r6 !!

kay poly says:

@ebrainz101 did you see her came at 2:42? yeah! thats what you get when u
get in a bimmer(real mans car), you split personalties immediately and put
audi in its place. when its a bimmer nothing comes close in
even needed 65 more hp and quattro to be faster till 62mph after which the
bimmer rapes it after 100mph.

Nicholas O. says:

couldn’t agree more. then again, both are well built German examples.

NyaDxb says:

no M3 coupe = RS5

M0rthyM0rdoR says:

I understand you… Because dispite BMW makes beautifull cars, there is now
soul on them… It seems they make their cars beautifull with the M-packs
to be ugly without it! I love BMW’s, but it seems that they have nothing!
You have to spend a lot to make them usable… For example, i had an Audi
A3 (the last model) and it was really preatty, and i liked the BMW 1
series, but to make it beautifull, you have to buy the M-packet… But the
BMW 3 coupe (E92) i believe it is always stunning :)

florent vigouroux says:

tro beau l’audi

Thomas Wu says:

@ebrainz101 the S5 is a better car. its way too heavy around the corners.

Matt Bell says:

I’d still take the Audi. My family has always been a BMW group and I raced
with BMW for 2 years. I also work for Audi, get to drive the S5 all day
long, and can confidently say that it is, absolutely, the better car.

Thomas Wu says:

@ebrainz101 in your fucking dreams

RukfasA4 says:

If you wont to compare audi with M of BMW you go with RS not with S … and
yes i would go for RS5 before M3

s5audi2010 says:

I have owned a S5 for two years now.. no regrets… well aside from the
fact its not a RS5 :(

jim kamen says:


Snowbird says:

Shouldn’t the S5 be compared against the M3? Or would that be reserved for
the RS5?

Nurisia86 says:

m3 = rs4 // m5 = rs5 // m6 = rs6

Fred Jones says:

No thanks, not with $1.80 a litre of 91 unleaded so we purchased the A1.

James Dion says:

*yawn* so boring compared to Top Gear

Matias660 says:

Its red ick!

Matt Bell says:

@tkcwu What part is in my dreams?

nkodo22 says:

@underground164 Rs5=m3…S5=335 from a price point approach

hunghuge12 says:

That’s the difference between a well set up chassis and a load of
electronic cobblers covering a poor chassis.

Hector Lopez says:

si el bmw tuviera los mismos c.v. que el audi s5 habria q compararlo cn el
rs5 jejee.BMW RULEES:).con menos cv se lo fundee juju

marvinbenz says:

dont fuck with the roundel

Ahmad Haziq says:

I’d pick the BMW…

Sebi Stef says:

another reason to say that bmw is better then audi

underground164 says:

How can you compare the s5 to the regular 3 series? really thats stupid.
(still didnt watch the full video)

Tiari says:

I own a BMW but I like both of the two Bavarian brands

BogdanDorianC says:

so you’re comparing the S5 with what? i hope not with a BMW 320i! Between
the S5 and the M3, would you still choose the S5?

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