Fifth Gear: BMW E87 1 Series (2004 – 2011)

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Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato test drives the BMW E87 1 Series. Read more at


Link Aran says:

German Power!!

Chris S says:

plato you should revisit this review – since it’s intro how’s it done? No
torque steer, a regular slush box vs. DSG and their problems in Audi &
Golf. Better dynamics than a Hyundai. Vs. the mazda 3?? I’m looking for
a used one. I’ve owned 2002′s and an e30 M3. Sure the front drivers may
be OK doing the school and grocery run, but I’m betting the BMW will give
me a reason to want to keep going to the countryside to hit the twisties
once the groceries and kids are taken care of.

zak anthony says:

BMW is so stingy, Air Conditioning & Cruise Control is standard on most
cheaper Japanese and Korean cars what a rip off

realvirtualinsanity says:

i recently bought a 118i, 06 mod with msport undercarriage. drives like a
fucking charm =)=)=)

MrBarry1024 says:

I have a 118, want a 130i so badly.

bladedush says:

They didn’t release the E87 (1 series hatchbacks) in north america at all,
only in europe and australiasia, since the E87′s came alot earlier than the
coupes they are alot cheaper here now as well, with the basic 118i models
being around 15k

chris7378 says:


Gavin Sherlock says:

@TheSRalston I’m with you on that, please car manufacturers replace the
angles with curves.

Joriel says:

i just got a ’06 120d sport/confort its very nice, although it has a bit
extra of turbo lag compared with other less powerful turbo diesel cars, if
any1 is thinking of buying a diesel one i recommend the 118d since its the
2000c with smaller turbo = more responsive

Mikel Gutierrez says:

I love this car!!! my car!!!

Arron Thornhill says:

I really feel like I’m in the minority, this car is truly ugly! I don’t
know what has happened to BMW styling… their entire range now has so many
odd angles, lines and creases. There older cars always looked smooth and

nickracingalice says:

@DufniallNO i have bmw 123d m-sport series color black 3 port . is

Hellooo20 says:

he is so bias

Soadfreak09 says:

do you have the 118i or 118d. i bought a 118i today with 143 hp ^^ i get
him tomorrow and i’m so excited :D what do you think about the car ?

dekster14LP says:

Bit of advice: get at least the M-sport suspention and sport seats.

0drunkerd0 says:

hmm 1 series bmw has it together with the 3 and the 5 but the 6 is a far
cry from what the e24 was…very far ..even the m6 i feel is underpowered
compared to the euro version with the m88 from the great m1 which today to
any bmw feels like a Goliath in its time to bmws today …not saying that
the m3s are ripping the track up for M/// power but the sheer magnificence
of the m1 will never be brought back to life by the bmw stylists today …

SparkySlow says:

hey i want to buy a 120i for my first car :D but im not sure, de
differences between 120i and a 118i is 6 HP, so what is the real difference

DufniallNO says:

I love this car, but prefer M-sport styling ;)

PerpetualTiredness says:

The new BMWs are ugly compared to the old. My advice to you is save a hell
of a lot of money by getting an older better looking model. With the money
saved you can buy the extra options.

bladedush says:

The new slightly sharper bmw’s kinda remind a bit of the old ones like the
E30′s but still with some flowing body lines

CaRBoN NXS says:

i love 1 series ( three-door)

0drunkerd0 says:

man did bme have it right up until the 90s

ruairi mc carthy says:

have one its a bucket of shite

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