Fifth Gear – BMW Z4 Service

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Tim Shaw tries to figure out if you can affordably do a service yourself. From Series 14.


3ridetec . says:

Shit look at that oil, is it a diesel?

sniktun1 says:

I was quoted just over £1000 to change my dics pads and calipers by the
cheapest garage. I re-conditioned my calipers to a near brand new state and
replaced the rest myself for £85 provided to me by Toyota. so i saved £915
by using youtube and one saturday. DIY people this shit is not difficult at

Stanislav Coros says:

you are my boy man…. I saw everything about Z4 before buying e85 roadster
and I will NEVER SELL THAT !

scintillus says:

@kv117 Clarkson loves the updated/redesigned Z4, not the original Z4 (I’m
not talking about the Z3).

1337ASM says:

he has an SL-Gay

zenuke says:

Where did they put that jack stand?

synaptonemal says:

@kv117 nee, he bought a NEW Z4 ;-)

Jerram89 says:

gee those servicing quotes are just plain rude – here in Australia we think
charging more than $85Au (about 45d)/hour is highway robbery! Even some
respectable Euro Mechanics charge only the equivalent of 38d/hour.

sk93 says:

Trolly trolly troll troll. Bet you’ve never even driven one. Compare it to
the boxster, or the 350z, as that’s the market it sells in, and you’ll find
it was pretty darn good value for the money. Or, do what I suspect you’ll
do, and continue to be a sad internet troll who has nothing better to do
than look like a tool on the net – whatever makes you happy with yourself :)


@kv117 I think Clarkson got every type of car in the wolrd.

Hugh Jass says:

That, surprisingly is called an MOT. Not a service. MOT is law so stuff
like brakes, suspension, struts and whatnot are part of that, a service
checks them and a service entails replacing the way the car breathes in and
uses the fuel.

mercedess89 says:

love the british sarcasm

Andrew Howell says:

Clarkson got a Z4? Thought he went on and on about how the ride was

KamperArt says:

Unprofessional, There reason why parts for that Z4 or any BMW for any
matter the parts cost more. And that not the only reason I’m not approved
if this guy done service to my BMW. He needed to know the proper procedure
on working with those M54 or N52 engine and the computer. But what can I
complain about if its DIY anyone is equivalent to do on there own car. But
If want your BMW to be get a proper service. let a professional do the job.

papitosabe says:

@jamponsah1150 go to bimmerfest d o t com and do a search in the z4 forum..
enter service reset..i did it recently but was easy though

Jack Campbell says:

@kv117 It was his wife’s car (she’s more manly). :)

xxkasssyxx says:

Actually the E85 Z4 was the first BMW ever to go in the cool section of the
Top Gear Cool Wall so Clarkson might be remembered for waxing lyrical about
the firm suspension, but since when has he never exaggerated? The Z4 is a
very capable roadster and it gets my back up when people go on about the
suspension who have never driven the car just because they saw that episode
of Top Gear with the Honda and Porsche, lets not forget his face drop when
Hammond started up the Z4 after the roof gag.

Winters says:

BMW manufacture very little for their cars. Their parts come from people
like Bosch and you can source the _exact_ same parts, less the BMW
branding, sometimes for huge discounts.

awni95 says:

is that jermeys car:/!

sk93 says:

mm-hmm.. proof? doubt we’ll see any from you. And how do you know what I
paid for mine? It was certainly less than the boxster and more than the
350z, but then I’ve not had the propshaft fail every ~30k miles and have to
pay for that…. you’re full of opinions, but lacking in any proof my dear
troll ;)

kimi911 says:

He could have searched YouTube to find how to reset indicator for free.

Steptronic87 says:

Check out my BMW DIY videos if you liked this.

Meilenwerker says:

The best thing you can do to a BMW Z4 is park it in the crusher. The
thing’s an overpriced piece of crap.

PeteSa88 says:

In Finland main dealer charges about 115€ (146$) an hour. Back yard
mechanics do the job for about 70€ (90$) an hour. But when you do your
car’s service with yourself, it saves a lot of money :) For example eight
NGK platinum spark plugs cost about 120€ (150$) in main dealer, but you can
get those same plugs for as little as 70€ (90$) from a local car parts shop.

1983youknowsit says:

What a load of shit. What about brake lines, fuel lines, dampers, seat
belts, wheel bearings, strut top bearings, brake pads, PAS leaks, ARB
links, lights etc. “Anyone can change a spark plug” a lot of people can do
this but being a mechanic is not a piece of piss it is a very skilled job.

sk93 says:

love the fact he paid £88 for a “box of tricks”, when you can spend nothing
and reset the service interval by just pressing a few of the cars buttons :D

westie212 says:

If the next service is an oil service……shouldn’t he have done the valve
clearances i.e inspection 1 / 2 ?

bmw4lfe says:

@upnewbie jeremy clarkson loves the new z4

xicot86 says:

No he buy a slk, i’m no sure if was a AMG or a normal, but when he review
the 2009/2010 z4 he simply feel in love whit it

jihaad says:

@kv117 he,s takin the piss you mincer xD

eskercurve says:

This is actually very good advice. I recently had to get my door lock
actuator replaced, a job that only the most experienced mechanics could do,
and I was astonished that BMW charged $100/hr. Airline mechanics’ time are
billed at $80/hr!!! From now on, for easy jobs like oil changes, filter,
transmission fluid, brakes, spark plugs, O2 sensors and other odds and
ends, I’ll be doing myself. You learn to appreciate your car more, too!

tazzcaaarlovr says:

bmw <3

Aleksandar Petrovic says:

@Jerram89 – What are you talking about, the standard rate is now $110 per
hour. Mercedes charges $160. I’m sure you can find some back yard mechanic
for your falcon for $85, but no dealer charges less then $110 p/h.

heemoii . says:

tops gear’s Clarkson? no no, he has some kind of mercedes AMG

Meilenwerker says:

Stick your trolly-trolly-stupidities up your you-know-what, I know exactly
what I’m talking about. I’ve fixed an awful rotten lot of BMWs in my time
and these things aren’t worth what idiots like you are paying for them. But
Americans and Brits can’t get enough of them…

StarsMarsRadio says:

not jeremy clarksons car

andrews2547 says:

It was a joke.

viggoM35 says:

I have owned seven BMWs, four Mercedes, an Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Fiat,
and a MG. Done all my own maintenance and have saved thousands. Not to
mention all the domestics, imports, and motorcycles I have maintained

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