Fifth Gear: Web TV – BMW X1 Road Test

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Graham from the office ventures out into the snow to find out if BMWs latest SUV, the X1, is a new crossover champion or just an unnecessary niche. For more …


Diagnosticsworld says:

Aye cos we all buy cars just so we can look over hedges.

David Scalco says:

what a

Shahram Senerpida Saboori says:

Who is this guy and why do I feel like smashing his face? Worst car review
in the history of car reviews!

Oliver Mccall says:

Such an idiot, do you realise your stereotyping half the nation to be
portrayed as egotistical and egocentric, probably upset because your a
failed TV presenter who can’t afford an x1 on your mediocre salary.

Alejandro Banuelos says:

This guys is totally biased. The X series is amazing in general. He’s just
jealous that he can buy a better car than his shitty British cars

Oliver Mccall says:

stupid fat prick, is it that difficult to give a serious and professional
review for perspective buyers

Nicolas Sotiriou says:

This guy is a dickhead.

YesMaxCan says:

he sucks! i love my X1

Boris Terekidi says:

The reviewer sucks at reviewing cars. Period.

ipancaki says:

This was the worst review I’ve ever seen.

sammy jones says:


BazBzT says:

Bad review!!!! Bmw x1 is a very good car. Your not funny so just stop
reviewing cars. 

Bananafroot says:

What a stupid chunky and awkward presenting! you are not a professional
reviewer. what utter crap!

Snowman Schneemann says:

For some weird reason the X1 has grown on me over the years.

trefod says:

You’ve got to ask yourselves at some point if your approach is in tune with
the world or if you’ve got your heads stuck up your collective bums.
Look at the X1 sales figure and then return to this review and its
conclusion that pretentious Barry is the only viable marked segment for the
Why should we as your viewers take anything you say seriously?

fari ben says:

really bad comment from that morron,,,,,stop wearing glasses when you talk
the interior ,,,you don t look credible!!!!!!

aljo0069 says:

Worst car review I’ve ever seen.

Andrei Mares says:

you are funny :)

aneshdaya2008 says:

Maybe if he lost some weight he’d be able to fit in the backseats

mrbigtime81 says:

i think this was the only time he can sit in a BMW..poor gypsy.

geneoni says:

X1 is about WRC going for BMW ROLLING production they could JOIN on WRC.
the guy is talking about its what its not for and its not daily driver.

Redback says:

Stop trying to be like Jeremy on the X6.

Tom Simone says:

What a piece of shit! X1′s are awesome! and they don’t only come in diesel
the regular comes in 2L and 3L the 3L has about 300 BHP. This guy is
unprofessional and is a faggot P.S the X1 has loads of leg room and is only
tiny for obese people. It probably offends people with a X1 like me!

NAGULNR2 says:

he is trying to be funny,but he isnt

herrdoktorknowitall says:

What a moron. The BMW Leipzig plant can’t produce these things fast enough.

whydoyouwanttousemyname? says:

nah i like the guy.. he’s quite funny

mrzkhan1 says:

Please bitch….

MAx says:

my dad bought 1 for 31,300pound and its totally useless the car is to small
for SUV the ride is way to hard the space inside well not much it feels
like u just sit in a 4 doors saloon…with the interrior is nothing new at
all it look just like an old X3 so after all this car is just a big bowtide
hang around ur neck :(((

Brunosautoshop says:

they treat the cars like shit, wtf and this x1 comes diesel and gas and 4wd

Crede Dalton says:

get a Nissan terracotta!

Steve Nugent says:

in the words of Jeremy Possibly the worst review of a
car………………In the WORLD

panman9696 says:

this guy is a clown. definitely not cut out to be a car reviewer. this bmw
kicks ass on anything in the small crossover sav/suv class. the fit and
finish may not be as good as in a fully loaded 7 series but you get what
you pay for, dont you. i especially like it when he complains about the
rear seat space when he is in “school mom” character (lol) ….its
absolutely fine for children , unless of course youve got a six foot tall
12 year old. overall great performance and finish for the price.

thestonecoldandy says:

@mazinais31 plastics are on the cheap side where as the tiguans plastics
are much better. that said the x1 is a good car

ccccccg says:

This guys is unwatchable. I had to stop watching.

Takis Underestimate says:

This guy is not professional

giorgio oliviero gallone says:

His problem is that he also look like a complete asshole , and he act like
one! No fun at all and false.

MihaiRUdeRO says:

whta a cunt! This bmw is good for what it was built for. A slightly taller,
roomier, AWD verison of the 3 series. It’s perfect for my family’s needs.

LS R says:

I really wanted to see the X1 review…but can´t understand how Fifth Gear
manages to get the most pompous and obnoxiuous presenters available (with
the exception of Tiff). I am going somewhere else for a review.

Thecougar66 says:

Your not even slightly funny and you know nothing. Nobody who knows
anything about cars would even mention freelancer in the same sentence as a
BMW. Freelancers spend more time in the garage getting fixed than on the
road. Tiguan’s are boring, slow, handle like a pissed pig on roller skates
and uneconomical. The x1 is ideal for people who live in the country who
need four wheel drive for cutting through snow occasionally but who need a
regular economical car for the remaining 48 weeks!

ba2775 says:

Sorry this guys a twat . I was at bmw world in Munich last week were the X1
was on show and its a nice car . The car feels really nice and is made to
bmws very high standerds .Its not the best but its sure is not the worse
car ! As for the guy in this video that was a crap car review !!

Jonas Helaut says:

this review sucks!!!

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