Fifth Gear Web TV — BMW X3 Review

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The previous X3 was definitely not BMWs best car. In fact, it was probably their worst. Now that there’s a brand new one which claims to be greatly improved,…


chitpaul singh kallah says:

So let me get what he’s saying…The Q5 is a better build machine but this
is best in class….how comes….

Ganda Zobel de Ayala says:

Why is the volume louder when he’s speaking on cam than when he is
narrating? Correct this please. it’s annoying.

Jonny Oliveira says:

@loster88 Can’t agree more :)

Rafael Torchio says:

How come they get manual transmission in all the cars? >.<

alibabaG420 says:

i think the GLK i better

a38racing says:

@loster88 Yes the range rover is better but obviously its alot more
expensive. Seriously dont know why you would compare them

loster88 says:

@TheTBro101 that is the one that really standout in the range of pointless
cars we have on offer

oldsgit66 says:

@rock3tcat As you can’t spell, I translated your abbreviations as” Say the
full unbearable great truth for offroading you soccer mum (Dad in fact)”
Thanks very much. Mind you your website is crap!

MrCosmin94 says:

@Utokakrmak no one, get a life Mr. thumbs up bitch

loster88 says:

@TheVtieg6 I’ve never compared them. In fact in my mind the Range Rover is
in a class of his one. I said the range rover (and land cruisers), because
makes much more sense than any SUV current on sale.

AdrianC12345 says:

Why do you guys really care if this segment is supposedly pointless? Half
the cars ever made wouldn’t exsist if the only reason to have a car was
because the class wasn’t pointless. Anyway, I’d still rather have an XC60
with the 300 hp please!!!

Tyrone Ross says:

@MattLoaf92 maybe some people dont want to drive peasant 4 doors, SUV are
still the best class in eastern europe, the roads just dont let you enjoy a

Daniel Raftö says:

from what year is this newer version available?

Monkeylabs says:

Ugly and pointless BMWs. Get a Range rover!

vin nathan says:

@simonshusse its available now…. mum just bought one… :)

hasnain bashir says:

I hated the old x3 and i stil hate this one as its a pointless car for
people who cant afford an x5 or q7 which are proper 4×4′s

fakeheadphones says:

But when you tested it before … you hated it … fifth gear I just don’t
get you!

TangoR34 says:

Not a fan but very convincing.

ruairi mc carthy says:

awful and useless

TimoBac says:

manual gear box is gay in this type of car i think..

a38racing says:

@Utokakrmak Why would you smack the shit out of him?

tg72211 says:

I would have a Volvo XC60

kr0pp says:

x5 and x6 are excellent, don’t cry about these. However i can hardly
justify the existence of x1 and x3 (though they are still made like bmw’s).

a38racing says:

@Utokakrmak Nobody agrees with you lol

Tiari says:

@loster88 Why’s that? Might not be the right car for everyone and might not
be much of use in central and west Europe, but when you live in countrys
where the road isn’t that good and want to take a car out of road from time
to time then it’s perfect.

jamoman22 says:

Sat Nav doesnt come standard like stated in the video…

TheTBro101 says:

@loster88 i agree with all of those, but the x6. The x6 is sweet!

redphiveII says:

people in britain need to pay something for too much CO2 produced? it seems
like hes always talkin about CO2 …

mrnicktoyou says:

Pedals offset that badly is a pretty big flaw in my opinion. It’s not like
it’s a one off nuisance, it will inconvenience you every single time you
drive it.

Taylor Paul says:

50 mpg? Why no diesel love for the US?

jamie123gers says:

for the same money you could be driving a land rover discovery

SuperchargerFahad says:

@quwers why can’t your dick be reaaly really small and green?

Amel22 says:

jesus u british people r annoying in the video AND in the comments holy
shit bunch of know it all experts lmao

ROJM says:

wtf? Those aren’t BMW headlights?!??!?!

Faisal AL-Maiman says:

I teach English in Saudi Arabia. I really love watching your channel for
two things: one is that you guys give the most honest reviews…two, you
have the most amazing English accent I heard :) love the show, and the

a38racing says:

@Utokakrmak Well if your watching this cus of his looks or voice then you
watching it for the wrong reason. In future just dont watch his reviews

SuperchargerFahad says:

@quwers why can’t your dick be really really small and green?

kr0pp says:

@raphaelbittner it looks badass. Nothing else, X5 is more practical tbh.

LS R says:

Everyone in Fifth Gear is annoying…except for Tiff, he´s good.

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