First Drive: 2007 Audi RS 4

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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Audi engineers put a lot of work into making the 2007 RS 4 more than a glitzed-up run-of-the-mill sedan. The primary in…


Laurentiu Gaby says:

Without a single doubt .

modishcorp09 says:

i luhd it

Bart Kajor says:

it is like a parrot colorful and “screaming” to you “hey look at me”! It
has to be dark colour, this is 4 door soloon car! and everybody will think
is a ordinary car when is painted in black, dark blue or even silver… One
day guy stopped me on the street and asked “Wtf! I can see it is normal
Audi but why it sounds like a monster?” It was VERY funny, he was shocked!
You can hear it even when you driving slow, its “growling” like a furious
wolf! Maybe i’m biased becouse i am Auid fan…

LAM805 says:

na mate u aint got taste…this is the best colour to get an RS4
in….stand out!!

Angello R. Balbuena says:

The sexiest car ever made. :)

Da.shArk87 says:

Yellow???? OMG, would be better black or blue, but yellow? come on…

DTHPRF66 says:

you guys are forgetting RED!!!! or that nice laguna Blue

Dawit Belay says:

bmw all the way

bixxl says:

I LOVE MY AUDI. when will they bring the 2.8 engines back??

marchan847 says:

Does it come in automatic?

garciajosue71 says:

and thats stock ;)

jtrain9 says:

i dont like the yellow but its a nice car

mandela turner says:

ugly color. would look alot sexier in black or a very dark blue

Emu the Foo says:

TRUE. Mine is in blk with all blk interior. looks sinister because it has
the titanium package

tigerrr5 says:

my fav color is yellow haha so the best for sure lol

freshdirty says:

audi for life….0000

mandela turner says:

what are you talking about? it looks like a fuckin bananna on wheels

ToniEmRoni says:

B7 RS4 <3

goma3 says:

Man, Audi is at the top of their game now. The new 5-cul inline turbo
engine is amazing. +350hp out of that baby and pretty decent fuel economy.
Kicking some serious ass.

Tom Barnicle says:

he sits in third forever….

youmils03 says:

Perfect car. Just perfect.

TheBestAudiRS says:

4.8s…that dependes on weather an temparature of air….The August 2006
edition of Road and Track has achieved 4.3 seconds

jorge1761 says:

Espero que los chicos hayan llegado a tiempo para el recreo……porque
…¿este sr estaba llevando los hijos al colegio no?… Un ejemplo: en la
curva que toma a los 5:43 se le cae el motor a menos de 2000 rpm …si es
por como maneja el “driver” seguro que no cambio por mi C5 por el A4….!

Bart Kajor says:

my favourite colur is very dark blue with silver elements like mirros and
dark inside (black not dark grey) it looks more aggresive not like japanese
super fast after tuning toyota corolla ’82 where you HAVE TO paint in funny
(yellow, orrange, green) colour becouse no one will look at it!

hondaracing1069 says:

My dream car *drools* 0000 For life.

marcin wah says:

My audi is rs4…is the fastest…

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